Guide to play online lottery in India

There are a variety of operators that enable people to play lottery online. This is perfect because you can play directly in your own home, or on a mobile device or tablet. There are several advantages to playing online. First, you don’t have to go to a representative, which saves time, energy and maybe gasoline money. When you play lotto online, you are also not limited to your local gaming community’s opening hours but can play the lottery anywhere and anytime. An example of a lottery website where you can play all the biggest lotteries is Multilotto, which today is one of the most popular ones in India.

Every day, a large number of Indians play different lotteries in the hope of winning the big jackpot. Today, there are a large variety of international lotteries online with prizes being released daily. Here at you can read more about the different games available when it comes to lotto online.

One of the biggest wins ever awarded on a lottery was $ 656 million. This win was enjoyed in March 2012 by three people who shared it after receiving all the rights on the game lines on an American lottery called MegaMillions. It is now also possible for Indian players to play on MegaMillions and other lotteries that were previously limited for Americans.
At we have reviews over 50 lottery websites which accepts Indian players.

All sites listed below are secure and tested by us with real money. We didn’t win every time… Several of the sites even accepts INR as payment method.

Best lottery sites 2019


How to get started playing lottery

To play an online lottery you need an account at an online casino or lottery website and be logged in to play. All you have to do is to register on lottery websites listed above. You then have to fill in personal information such as name, address and telephone number and choose a user name and a password that you should use to log in to the website.

After you open an account and logged in to a lotto website, you can make a deposit to your personal gaming account. VISA, Mastercard and internet bank transfers are available as payment options, but also Skrill, Neteller and similar so-called e-wallets. Then you just have to get acquainted with the website and click on the lottery tab to play.

Electronic coupons that you play online work in exactly the same way as physical coupons, with the difference that you fill them on the given website. In addition to filling in the numbers you want, it is usually possible to fill in random numbers with the help of a function under the game fields that randomly numbers the numbers for you.

If you feel like playing a system, there is usually an option for this above the game field where you can choose which system to play. Once you have filled in your coupon, you just need to click to pay and then just wait for the draw and hopefully the big win! In the event of any winnings, the money will immediately be deposited into your personal gaming account. As long as you have registered a bank account on the website, you can then easily withdraw the profit.

How much does a lottery cost?

Below you can find a lottery ticket costs in some of the most popular international lotteries online. You can, for example, play multiple rows, combination games and choose to participate in more than one draw.

Lottery Bet Per Row

  • EuroJackpot 185 INR / row
  • EuroMillions 220 INR / row
  • MegaMillions 260 INR / row
  • PowerBall 300 INR / row

How international lotteries works

You don’t have to get every number right to win money; When playing worldwide lotteries, you have to fill in 7 numbers in a field with a total of 35 numbers. In the draw you take the help of a raffle with 35 balls with different numbers and slum 7 regular numbers and 4 extra numbers. The draw itself is usually broadcast on television to make it as exciting as possible.

You should have really good luck and the 7 regular numbers in the draw are the number you selected on your line, you will probably be a millionaire. If you are a single winner, the profit potential is even better and you can end up as a multi-millionaire!

If you get 6 correct numbers after the 7 regular numbers are drawn, and at the same time get right on at least one of the extra numbers, this often gives huge profit sums. Gains are also awarded for players who are between 4 – 6 right. How much do you pay is based on the lottery you are playing on and how many players win, but you can expect that 6 right numbers usually give thousands, 5 correct numbers instead give amounts in hundreds, and 4 right numbers usually give profit amounts times ten.

When is the drawing?

Drawings are often shown live on TV, but most lotteries also usually publish the results for the draws on their websites. It allows players who cannot follow the broadcast on TV to check their lines online after a draw has been made.

Lotto Results

We are working full-time on our own lottery results page for all lotteries that we list here at, but it’s not quite finished yet. Until it is ready, we recommend Multilottos lottery results, where you will find everything you need to correct both current and historical lots in lots or lotteries.