22 Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

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Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 26th May 2020

Published: 13/04/2020

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22 Lottery Review

Another reader tip has come in and the lotto game in question is 22 lottery.

Right off the bat, this lottery intrigued me since the tip sent in explained that it was completely for free!

Not only is it a free online lottery but it also offers huge prices – a Mega Draw Jackpot of $22 million and a Daily Jackpot of $500.

How can a free online lottery offer jackpots in the millions?

In my experience, if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Therefore I decided to jump right in and investigate this lottery website.

So without further ado, welcome to the latest piece of the series “Genuine Lottery Or Scam?”

As always I will be looking at the decisive factors:

Cartoon of a computer and a magnifying glass


cartoon of a document and a magnifying glassInformation

cartoon of the world and a magnifying glassLocation

cartoon of a cog and a magnifying glassFunctionality

Is 22 Lottery trusted?

To find out if a lottery site is trusted or not you need to look at several factors.

A license shows that the lottery site has been examined and approved by a government body.

22 lottery does not have a license.

Offline presence shows that the website is seen as serious by other businesses in the form of partnerships.

I couldn’t find a single shred of offline presence from 22lottery.

Security certificates are needed to protect your any information you may enter into the lotto site.

22 lottery connection not secure

No security at all on the website.

Finally, user reviews tell us if other players have had negative or positive experiences with the site.

I haven’t found a single person that has had anything positive to say about 22lottery, only negative. Not a single 22 lottery winner to be found.

So is 22lottery to be trusted?

NO, definitely not!

Online Lottery Information

Now a lot of scam sites haven’t really put that much energy into the site and this often shows on the information available.

It can be untrue, contradictory, full of spelling errors and so on.

I checked every single page available on 22lottery and didn’t find errors.

Sadly, I found a lot of other information that gave me an idea of how the free lottery actually works.

First of all, there is no way to check the daily draw. The only way to find out if you win is if you are contacted by 22lottery.

There is zero transparency and no announced winners.

Sounds fishy right?

What about the Mega Draw for $22 million?!

You can join that for free but you will have to wait until 2032 to see if you won.

That’s right, the Mega Draw is way down the line.

The draw date was hidden in the fine print.

So, what does 22lottery want if they are not running a working lottery?

To enter the lottery you have to enter your e-mail and that’s what they want.

They sell your e-mail and also send a lot of advertisements themselves.

When I signed up I got bombarded with spam straight away.

22 Lottery Location

Private lotteries based in India are illegal and that is why I always check the server locations of a lottery website as well.

22lottery is based in Dallas, USA and therefore legal.

22 lottery server location dallas

In the end, it doesn’t really matter because it seems like there are no draws at all and the free lottery does not exist.

Lottery Site Functionality

Functionality refers to how all the technical features on the site work.

I look for broken links, malfunctioning games and other bugs.

I could not find any but as mentioned it is easy to understand why.

The site does not have any real features since it is built to only take your e-mail and then spam you with advertisement.


I think many of you already know what I am going to say based on the review so far.

But let’s get back to the statement at the beginning of this review to get to the bottom of 22 lottery.

Is a free online lottery for real money in India available or is it too good to true?

Sadly, it is too good to be true.

alert sign cartoon22 lottery is quite simply a scam.

It is a simple con to get a huge e-mail list with people who are interested in online lotteries to be able to entice them or scam by other means.

Now, if you were interested in participating in an international online lottery for real money you can check out any of my recommended sites below.

Sadly they are not free but the money you win is definitely real!