A 26-Year-Old Indian Winner Grabs the Second Prize on Lotto 6/49

indian 6/49 lottery winner
Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 4th November 2020

Published: 28/08/2020

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$286,791 Won by a Young Indian Player on Lotto 6/49

Prasanth Parasuraman, a 26-year-old lotto player that lives in Concord became the Lotto 6/49 Indian lottery winner of the second prize, matching five numbers plus the bonus number on his ticket on the draw held on January 14, 2017.

As a frequent lotto player, Prasanth shared that he was usually buying tickets on Fridays and that he purchased this particular winning ticket on a different day, so he completely forgot about it.

“I usually purchase lottery tickets on Friday. I was at the store to pick up a few items and that’s when I bought my winning ticket.”

After he purchased the ticket from the store, he went on with his life. The next week, he went to the same store to buy a new ticket for the following draw, when he scanned the previous week’s ticket.

“The following week, as I went to buy my lottery ticket, I found the one I purchased the previous week. I scanned that ticket in the ticket checker. At first, I thought I won $286. The retailer said it was a ‘Big Winner’ and I had to wait for a call from OLG.”

Be Modest and Luck Will Smile to You

Convinced that he had won $286, Prasanth waited for the OLG to call him. When he finally got the call, he couldn’t believe his ears!

“When the OLG representative told me how much I won I said, ‘What? How much? Are you kidding me?’ I couldn’t believe it. I was happy with $286. To find out the actual amount was amazing!”

He came home and told his parents. “My mom started crying while hugging me. My dad was also happy but he was quiet and calm. He asked, ‘So, when is my next trip to India?’”, he shared laughingly.

Prasanth shared his plans on how he would spend the money. “I would like to put a down payment on a house for myself. I would also like to take vacations sometime soon to Jamaica or Mexico.”

He also shared “I am a chef and I would like to definitely open my own restaurant or food truck when the time comes. This prize will help me with that dream. Winning the lottery feels amazing.”

He finally concluded “Having the means to help out my family means everything to me. I am excited for what the future holds.”

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