Why Online Lotteries?

The whole reason I started this website is for the simple reason that I wish a site like this existed when I started playing online lotteries.

At the beginning of my lottery career, there was barely any information on lottos available on the internet which resulted in quite a few errors on my behalf. Now that I’ve made the mistakes you don’t have too.

News, Guides, Reviews & More

Here at OnlineLotteries, I post the latest lottery news, exciting stories of Indian winners, reviews of lotto agents and bookkeepers available in India, as well as guides on how to play the best games and how to buy lottery tickets online.

I also share the most valuable lessons that I have learned playing, quite a few that earned me some lakhs!

Early on I realized the benefits of playing the lottery on the internet.

It is safer, when I win I get bigger prizes and it is extremely convenient – a ticket purchase can take as little as 10 seconds! Yes, I timed it once… That’s how much I love online lottos.

I check every detail of every aspect when it comes to lotteries, down to the last second.

All my articles share this meticulous attention to detail so you can be sure that when you read a guide or a review here, you have the whole picture!

I am able to provide you with all this information, guides and reviews completely free thanks to affiliate marketing. You can read exactly how it works in my article on the subject.

Quick Facts About Me

Ramesh Apte

  • Name: Ramesh Apte
  • Age: 32
  • Interests: Lotteries and Comics
  • Education: MSc Business Administration
  • Favourite Food: Varan bhaat
  • Biggest Win: Rs. 7.5 Lakh from Powerball

Who Am I?

But so far I have only been rabbling about lotteries! Maybe you want to know more about who I am.

The names Ramesh and by now you know I am a lottery nut. I grew up in a smaller town close to Mumbai but always dreamed of more!

Lotteries help me do so and now I have to privilege to help you dream and hopefully win as well. I also have help from my friend Chirag who is equally passionate.

I would say he’s the Nagraj to my Super Commando Dhruva. Both of us online lottery superheroes, or at least we like to think so!

online lottery heroes

There are many things that I like about dreaming. You can envision yourself somewhere else or with something more.

A simple dream can make your dreary day to day feel more than ok. Lotteries offer me this escape and that is why I have been so passionate about them for years and years!

Growing up my father often took me to buy lottery tickets and even though they were his, he painted vivid stories of what could happen if we won.

I followed in my dads’ footsteps as many boys do and continue playing the lottery to this day. The only difference is that I moved online!

As you can imagine years of playing equals years of knowledge and I decided to use this knowledge (my superpower) for good.

Well, I can say good, or even great, if you are interested in learning more about playing international lotteries from India.

So feel free to take a look around and learn more about the wonders of online lotteries! Also if you win a jackpot, maybe, just maybe you can send a few rupees my way…