Online Lotteries April 2020

Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief, Ramesh

Updated 03/05/2020

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The latest from Online Lotteries in April

I am happy to tell you that April of 2020 was just filled with good lottery news.

Loads of new lottery winners, game feature guides and new article series.

A nice change from last month that has less good news.

Let’s take a look at what happened right here at Online Lotteries India!

Lottery App Guides

As a request from readers, I decided to take a deeper look into the most popular lottery apps available in India.

The Lottoland app was the first star to be showcased at the beginning of April in this new lottery app guide series.

In the guides, I explain how to use the lottery apps, where and how to download them and what the best reasons to use them are.

By mid-April, you could read about TheLotter lottery app and how it worked!

Legal Lotteries by State

Another request from readers has been to take a look at each states lottery laws.

Even though international online lotteries are legal it is nice to understand what the situation for all lotteries is on a state level.

Therefore I started with Legal Lotteries in Maharashtra and you can expect more states in May.

More Game Features

Continuing on last months new game features series I completed two new exciting posts.

Become a Mega Millions Megaplier master with my new guide on the topic.

You can also learn the ins and outs of La Primitiva Reintegro and SuperEnaLotto SuperStar and Jolly numbers!

If are about to try out any of these games make sure to take a look so you don’t miss out!

Do Free Lotteries Exist?

If you are a longtime reader by now you are more than familiar with “Genuine Lottery or Scam?”.

Last month I analyzed two trending free lotteries in India.

Personally I have only had bad experiences with “free” lotteries so I didn’t have that much hope from the start.

22 lottery was the first lotto game I analyzed and found missing payouts, suspicious fine print and outrageous draw dates.

As you can read it wasn’t the best still it was nothing compared to what I found when I investigated the KBC lottery.

It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, lottery scam in all of India.

If anyone calls you to talk about the KBC lottery, hang up.

It does not exist, it is 100% scam.

Indians Winning More Lotteries

Finally, let’s wrap up with some exciting news about new lottery winners.

Arab lotteries have made big payouts to Indian players and I reported on two Dubai duty-free winners at the beginning of the month.

Another big winner was Sopna Nair that won a Big Ticket Jackpot.

The final winner I made an article on is also the youngest winner I have ever heard of.

A 1-year-old baby won the Dubai Lottery jackpot!

Of course, the baby didn’t buy the ticket on his own but since there is no age limit on the Dubai lottery his father decided to put the baby’s name on a ticket he bought making the baby a winner!

Last but not least I caught up with the Kerala New Year Bumper lottery winner of 2020.

The story of Rajan Perunnon is exactly what make lotteries great!

I hope you all enjoyed the lottery month of April and see you next time!