Bhagyalakshmi Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 26th May 2020

Published: 11/02/2020

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Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine?

Bhagyalakshmi lottery popped up out of nowhere when a reader asked me to review it for OnlineLotteries.

When I first saw it I thought to myself “Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine?”.

If you have seen the site as well I am sure you were thinking the same thing.

Since there clearly is something shady going on I told the reader to avoid the site and choose another available here.

Recently though I have seen that it shows up on the first position in Google when I searched for online lottery tickets in India.

As it shows up in more places on google many of you will probably come across this site when trying to buy tickets online.

For that reason, I decided to try it out.

Several of you have reached out to me after this article with worries about other lotteries. I have therefore decided to start an investigating article series. In the first article in the series called “Genuine Lottery or Scam” you can read how to identify a fraudulent lottery site.

Bhagyalaksmhi Lottery Review

When I first saw the site I was pretty sure that it was a scam based on the way the site looked.

Still, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it out just like I do with all my other lottery reviews.

In the end, I couldn’t make a Bhagyalaksmhi lottery review since the site is a scam!

I tried to look up who is behind the site but there was no information available.

They do not have a license either.

Since I can’t make a review I’ll instead share how I determined that Bhagyalakshmi is not genuine.

False Information

First of all, none of the information was correct.

Throughout the site, they say different things. In the “Terms and Conditions” they claim to be a concierge service that buys tickets for you, a so-called lotto agent.

Explanation that bahgyalakshmi is a lottery ticket concierge service

The problem with this is that they claim otherwise in their FAQ which can be located under their “Help” section.

There they claim they have no associates and the only way to buy a ticket for any of the lotto games is through their site.

Explanation that bhagyalakshmi has no associates

How is that possible when they claim that they are a lotto agent which goes out and buys tickets at a retailer?

The answer is that it is NOT possible!

I think they just stole the concierge service text from another website.

Fake Associations

They also lie about associations with reputable organizations such as National Lottery, the official lottery of the United Kingdom.

charity draud of the bhagyalakshmi lottery

Of course, this is not true which I also got answered by the National Lottery customer support.

Answer from the the national lottery of UK that they are in no way associated with Bhagyalakshmi lottery

I have heard some people also think that the state of Kerala has something to do with Bhagyalakshmi lottery but they are not associated either.

Illegal Online Lottery

The next thing that confused me was the fact that they claim to be both an Indian and international lottery.

This is of course not possible due to the lottery laws in India. Only government lotteries are allowed and private Indian lotteries are banned.

International lotteries, on the other hand, are legal since they take place outside of India.

They actually have a good summary of this on their site except they lie about one thing.

Explanation of international lotteries in India

As you can see Indian citizens are free to play international lotteries through lotto ticket concierge services like the one below.

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What you are not allowed to do is play any private lottery based in India.

The site claims that you are allowed to play Bhaygalaxmi lottery from India, saying that they too are an international lotto.

The only problem is that they aren’t. I looked up who was hosting the site and where it was located.

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is based in mumbai india

As you can see the Bhagyalakshmi lottery is based in Mumbai, India making it illegal!

So even if the site actually paid out prizes you would still be committing a CRIME.

I haven’t heard about any Bhahyalkshmi winners but if you can win your prizes still might be confiscated by the police.

Broken Links

Another clue that the Bhagyalakshmi lottery was a scam is the fact that they had several links that did not work.

For example, if you try to click on Indian Lottery Laws in the top menu of the page you will get a notification that the page does not exist.

a 404 that appears on bhagyalakshmi lottery site

This is unacceptable for any genuine serious site.

But scams sites such as the Bhagyalaksmhi lottery don’t care since they are not trying to provide you with the best service.

They only want to steal your money.

So is Bhagyalakshmi to be trusted?

NO, not trusted, not safe!

Games at Bhagyalakshmi Lottery

The Bhagyalaskshmi lottery has a total of 6 different games available that they both say they own and that they do not.

It is said on different places on the website that they are both international and Indian.

With all this contradicting information it is impossible to know if anything is true.

But as you could see above these are private Indian lotto games making them illegal.

The games are called

  • Topaz
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

If you have already played in any of these lotto games I am sorry to say that you have been tricked.

Also, they do not offer any bumper lotteries.

There are no Bhagyalakshmi winners in any of their games since it is illegal, you can only lose.

All in all, do NOT play Bhaygalakshmi lottery!

Genuine and Safe Lottery Websites

If you want to try out a safe and genuine lottery website there are many alternatives.

I have made reviews of many trusted Indian online lotteries that allow you to play legally.

Each of these lotteries adheres to the highest standards and have licenses to sell lottery tickets online.

Below you can find my three favourites.

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