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Last updated on 4th November 2020

Published: 31/03/2020

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Bhutan Lottery Review

The Bhutan Lottery is a government lotto in the sovereign state of Bhutan.

I have long known this lotto game existed but it wasn’t until recently I noticed several sites where they claim they sell tickets online.

As with my other Genuine Lottery Or Scam articles, it was one of you readers that let me know that there was something fishy going on.

Even though I hadn’t heard anything bad before your tip I decided to investigate this site closely and make a Bhutan lottery review.

It is important to state that there is a difference between the official Bhutan lottery and In this review, I am analyzing primarily As and are associated with they are also analyzed.

This Genuine or Scam article is different from the previous ones since now we are looking into sites that quite possibly is using government lotteries good name to commit fraud.

Like always I will look into the sites:

  • Trust
  • Information
  • Location
  • Functionality

These factors help me determine if a lottery site is genuine or a scam.

Is Bhutan Lottery Trusted?

One of the first things I noticed when I entered the lottery Bhutan website is that it does not have SSL encryption. not safe

Without SSL encryption the lotto site is wide open for hackers to steal anything and everything that they want.

This means any information you put into the site can be stolen and sold. Personal information such as name, telephone number and most important of all, card number can be stolen and used.

So even though you can buy lottery tickets online for the Bhutan lottery it is definitely not something I recommend.

Furthermore, the Bhutan lotto does not have a license meaning there is no organization that actually controls that they are treating their players fairly.

From experience, I can say that sadly most lotto websites without licenses take advantage of their customers by not paying out their winnings or making sure a number no one has is drawn as the winning number.

Talking about Bhutan lottery winners, I wasn’t able to find any testimonials online by players vouching for the authenticity of the game.

So finally, can you trust the Bhutan lottery?

No, not at all.

Online Lottery Information

Information is an important factor to take into account when I make reviews for online lottos.

If there is contradictory information or if the site is flat out lying you can be sure that it is a scam.

With lottery Bhutan this was quite challenging since there barely is any information available on the site.

There is only a Bhutan lottery result page and the main page available.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a good thing.

Having little to no information on a lotto website is just as bad as having untrue information.

I have realized that this is a trick scam sites use to not be accountable for their frauds.

By not posting that much information they can make up rules as they wish depending on the situation.

For example, if you win and want to claim your money they can make up any fake rule to not pay you since they haven’t posted any information on how they should pay winners.

But most importantly of all, they are using the name of the official Bhutan lottery to sell their own tickets.

As you can see below from the Bhutan lottery FAQ, they do not sell tickets online.

bhutan lottery FAQ
Bhutan lottery DOES NOT sell tickets online.

Bhutan Lottery Location

I always check where online lotteries servers are located since this is one of the factors that decide if a lottery is legal or not in India.

All online lotteries with servers in India are illegal since that would make it an Indian lottery. server location

The only Indian lotteries that are allowed to exist are government lotteries.

I checked where servers were located and as you can see they are in Amsterdam.

Even though this makes the Bhutan lottery legal it does not mean it is not a scam.

So far most factors have indicated that it, in fact, is a fraudulent lotto that will steal your money.

Lottery Site Functionality

As the site is very small there is not a lot of functionality to check.

Usually, I look for:

  • Broken links
  • Features that don’t work
  • Logos that don’t redirect as they should

In the end, I didn’t find anything that didn’t work.

Nonetheless, the small size of the lottery site is a warning sign in itself.


I am sad to say that my verdict for is that it is a scam. It’s associated sites north lottery and pajabdata are also scams as they also claim to sell real Bhutan lottery tickets.

It claims to sell tickets to the Bhutan lottery online but the official lotto site has stated clearly online tickets do not exist.

Since is a scam there really is no reason whatsoever to choose to play it when there are so many other safe alternatives.

If you ever find yourself in Bhutan, on the other hand, I recommend you to try it out and buy a physical ticket from any of the resellers.

Be Aware: Any website that claims they sell online lottery tickets to the Bhutan Lottery is a scam since the official lotto game does not offer that option.

Do NOT buy Bhutan Lottery tickets online.

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