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How to Buy a Bitcoin Lottery Ticket

Buying a ticket for a Bitcoin lottery game is like buying a ticket for any other game. It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Sign up to the Bitcoin lottery site of your choosing (Check our Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites list).
  2. Select your numbers for the Bitcoin lottery draw.
  3. Pay and wait to se if you become a big winner!

Bitcoin Lottery In India

Bitcoin lottery in India is getting increasingly popular for several reasons. First of all, there is a big interest worldwide in all the different cryptocurrencies available.

In India cryptocurrency is considered a new way of investing your money. The most popular cryptocurrency available is bitcoin.

Secondly, Indian online lottery games are getting increasingly popular every day and many desi players have realized just how easy it is to start playing.

Combine the two and you can understand why so many Indians have started online bitcoin lottery games.

The best part is that you do not have to be a Bitcoin expert to play. Each site will explain exactly the steps you need to take to become part of the Indian bitcoin lottery community.

There are three lottery sites in particular that excel at the bitcoin lottery in India, Lottoland, Lotto247 and Crypto Millions Lotto.


The most popular lottery site in India by far is It has its own unique Indian lottery games, the best worldwide lottery games and of course, bitcoin lottery.

Already in 2017 Lottoland was the first lotto site to offer a regulated bitcoin lottery game called Bitcoin Lotto.

It quickly became popular since the jackpot of 1000 bitcoins quickly started growing in value after 2017. In 2020 the value of Bitcoin spiked and as such the popularity of this lottery game as well!

Lotto247 India Logo


Lotto247 is another excellent lottery site in India. It offers all the best worldwide lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Even though it does not offer any specific bitcoin lottery games it does have the option to deposit and withdraw in bitcoin meaning that every one of their lotteries could be a bitcoin lotto.

So if you want to get into the bitcoin action with lotteries Lotto247 is definitely a good choice.


Crypto Millions Lotto

If we are talking about the bitcoin lottery in India it is beyond a doubt Crypto Millions Lotto. It is 100% dedicated to bitcoin and you can actually only play with bitcoin on this site.

It offers several of the world’s most popular lottery games like Powerball and SuperEnaLotto. You can also find India exclusive bitcoin lottery games such as India Millions and India Fantasy 5.

Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot Games

On top of the bitcoin lottery sites you can find in India there are also a few lottery games exclusively dedicated to bitcoin.

These games have their jackpot based on Bitcoin which means that the value of the first prizes is constantly changing.

This makes the games so much more exciting of course!

Bitcoin Lotto

Bitcoin Lotto is a Lottoland exclusive lottery game.

  • Ticket Price: ₹300
  • Jackpot Size: 1000 BTC
  • Draw Days: Tuesday to Sunday

Bitcoin Jackpot

Bitcoin Jackpot is a Multilotto exclusive game. As for now, we don’t recommend playing at Multilotto since their payment options for India are not working properly.

  • Ticket Price: €3.00
  • Jackpot Size: 1000 BTC
  • Draw Days: Every day except Sunday

Benefits of Bitcoin Lottery

Bitcoin lottery games are not only exciting and safe but they also have several benefits. The ones we think are the most important are:

  • Value Increase
  • Easy & Fast Withdrawals
  • Spread of Currency

money increase

Value Increase

If you are new to cryptocurrency you might not know this but it is kind of a rollercoaster ride. The value of Bitcoin can skyrocket and plummet in a matter of days. It is a very volatile currency if you compare it to any other state-backed currency which usually is more stable.

So why is this a good thing you might ask yourself? Well, cryptocurrency has always been a gamble but when it comes to the case of Bitcoin it looks a little different. Since its start, Bitcoin has continuously increased in value but it really took off during 2020. So if things continue as they are not only could you possibly win a Bitcoin jackpot but your money could actually also grow when you are not playing.

Pretty nice, right?

rupee chip into hand

Easy & Fast Withdrawals

Since Bitcoin is a completely digital decentralized currency many of the checks and places where transactions may fail are eliminated.

This in turn leads to swift and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin is actually one of the fastest payment methods available online since it is not checked by anyone meaning that payments or withdrawals will never be questioned.

tax on winnings

Spread of Currency

Another benefit that we think is great with bitcoin lottery is that once you have started playing and have a bitcoin wallet you are diversifying your risk.

What do we mean by that?

Well, let’s say one day that something happens that lowers the value of the Indian rupee on the global market. If you also have bitcoin the value of bitcoin in relation to the Indian rupee will increase meaning that even though you may have lost some value in rupees, the value of your bitcoin has increased. In turn, you won’t be as affected by any value changes of INR.