BonoLoto Reintegro Explained

bonoloto regular drum and reintegro drum
Ramesh Apte

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Updated 03/06/2020

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How does BonoLoto Reintegro work?

BonoLoto is an old lottery held in Spain. Its first draw was held in 1988, on the 28th of February. The Spanish created this draw in order to provide people with frequent draws with tickets at affordable prices.

The draws for the lottery are, therefore, held on all business days except Thursday. Therefore, players can participate in a draw on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 19:00 (GMT).

One line for the BonoLoto costs €0.50, but the minimum to play is €1, so players can either play two lines in a single draw or a single line in two draws.

Numbers from 1 to 49 are offered. Out of those numbers, six main numbers are drawn. A player needs to match all six numbers to get the 1st prize.

However, a 7th number is drawn, too, called a “complementary” or Complimentario number. With it, players can create the 5+1 combination to win the 2nd prize.

This means they need to match 5 regular symbols plus the Complementary number to win the 5+1 winning category.

Prize-wise, the biggest prize BonoLoto has delivered to a player so far was in 1990, when the player won €7,000,000. The jackpot starts at €400,000 but rolls over if not won during a draw.

In 1991, however, the Spanish lottery regulated by the Sociedad Estatal Loterias y Apuestas Del Estado introduced a special feature called Reintegro. The word “reintegro” translates to reimbursement.

Upon purchase, a Reintegro number is randomly assigned to the player’s ticket, and if that ticket has no hits with the main numbers, but matches the drawn Reintegro, the player can get a refund of the ticket price.

The Reintegro number is drawn from a different drum in which numbers from 0 to 9 can be found. If the Reintegro matches the number on the ticket the player got upon purchase, the player gets the refund.

Should You Play the Reintegro?

Reintegro is a feature for which you don’t need to pay additional costs, which is active by default once you purchase your lottery ticket from India.

Therefore, as a player, you don’t need to decide on whether or not you should play the Reintegro, because it is given to you upon purchase, cost-free.

It is there to improve your chances of winning a prize, or at least a reimbursement on your ticket funds so that you come out of the draw as a winner, one way or another. Enjoy it or any other top online lottery that interests you!

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