Lottery Bonuses

Here at Online Lotteries, we make sure to find the absolute best lottery bonuses available at the moment for you.

A lottery bonus is a great way to start playing online lottery. With a lottery promotion, you can get lottery tickets online without investment.

On this page, I will present to you the different lottery bonuses that can be available, what to think about when using an online lottery promotion, the best online lottery bonuses in India and much more.

A breakdown of the most common lottery bonuses

There are several different categories of lotto bonuses available. Below you can find a list of the most common. 

  • Free Bonuses – I am sure you already understand what this entails. Bonuses that are completely free to you as a player without you paying a single rupee. There are quite a few different free lotto bonuses:
  • Sign-up bonus –  A free lottery bonus you get when you sign up at a new lottery website.
  • No-deposit bonus – can be a free ticket, a free row on a ticket or even free credit to buy tickets. 
  • Free Lottery Ticket / Free lotto bet – An amount of free lottery tickets or rows you can get at a specific lottery or a lottery of your choice.
  • Cash drop – It’s money, given to you by the lotto website. Most often smaller amounts to let you try out the website. 
  • Deposit bonus – Most commonly a part of a lottery welcome bonus. This is very popular at online casinos that offer lotteries as well but of course, regular lottery sites have it as well. 
  • Welcome Bonus – Usually a package of several types of bonuses, most common are: Free lottery ticket on sign-up and deposit bonuses on your first deposits.
  • Money-Back – A way for you to play risk-free. Usually, it works like this, you get to buy tickets for a certain amount and if you lose you will get all the money you spent on lottery tickets credited to your account again.
  • Discounts – This allows you to buy online lottery tickets at a discounted price usually between 10%-70%. From my own experience, I would that this is the most common bonus. A lot of sites have used this to let you try out more online lottos to a discounted price.
  • Trial Subscriptions – An online lottery promotion that lets you play your lotto numbers on a subscription. Your lines are automatically renewed after each completed draw at a lower price per month.

Wagering requirement – how does it work?

lottery bonuses explained

When it comes to giving out things for free most lotteries need to put some requirements on players so that they just don’t take their free online lottery money and leave.

Imagine if a bank gave out free money to get customers to try their service but they had no requirements. Most people would just take the money and leave. The same goes for online lottery bonuses. 

Therefore there is a thing called wagering requirements. This most often only applies to you if you get free lottery tickets or free real money to spend on lotto tickets.

What it means is that your bonus money needs to be played through a certain amount of times to be able to be withdrawn. Usually, the rule goes, the more free lottery money you get the higher the requirements are. 

To be able to be considered one of the best online lottery promotions, they need to have reasonable wagering requirements. Now to make it easier to understand, allow me to explain with some hypothetical numbers. 

Let’s say you your given ₹100 to play the lottery for free with and you have a wagering requirement of 20.

Then you have to play ₹100 a total of 20 times, 100*20= 2000. So once you have bought tickets for a total amount of ₹2000 you can withdraw the ₹100 bonus money.

I have a feeling you are thinking the same as did the first time I heard about wagering requirements, “It’s IMPOSSIBLE!”. The thing is, it really isn’t.

As long as you know how to play and trust your numbers, you will have played through the wagering requirements without even noticing.

One lottery win usually allows you to make enough bets to be able to withdraw all your money.

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My best lottery bonus tips

As an avid online lottery player, I can tell you what works for me. First of all, I want to tell you there is no right or wrong way to use bonuses but there are some things you need to be aware of.

Free Lottery

I am sad to say there is no way to play online lottery for free. Even though with bonuses you can play free online lottery for real money you have no way of withdrawing any wins without spending more money.

So, in the end, it is not free. It is better to say that you can try online lotteries for free than actually play lottos for free a long time.

But don’t worry, you shouldn’t see this as something bad. You should just rethink what a lottery bonus is.

With a lottery bonus, you can try out different lottery websites risk-free. I mean it wouldn’t be too fun to start playing on a website with real money to only realize you don’t like it.

The thing is it’s so easy to play online lotteries that the most important thing is to find a site you like. If you want to learn more you can take a look at my online lottery reviews page. 

Making the most out of an online lottery bonus

Let’s say you checked out my website reviews and you found a site that you like with a great lottery promotion.

My number one tip is too max out the lottery promotion. With deposit bonuses, for example, they usually put a minimum deposit amount and a maximum deposit amount. I recommend to always use the maximum.

The reason is quite simple. The easiest way to get through the wagering requirements is by getting a big win and buying more tickets.

The fastest way to get a big win is with lots of tickets. So with more bonus money, you can buy more tickets and thus have a larger chance to win.

Easy as that!

Trial Subscription on your favourite online lotterysubscribe button

In my opinion, one of the best lottery promotions out there is trial subscriptions.

You get to buy a subscription for a, usually, large discounted amount.

A subscription lets you play on the same lottery for several draws without having to buy a new ticket each time.

This means you can play your favourite numbers several times at a very cheap price. 

My recommendation is if you find a trial subscription for your favourite online lottery you should buy it. It can even be on another website then you usually play it.

It doesn’t matter it is ok to have accounts on several different websites at the same time.

When it comes to trial subscriptions there are usually little to no wagering requirements which makes this bonus even better! So take a chance and win an online lottery jackpot!