Free lottery & bonuses

There are several different bonuses for international lotteries and other casino games. Below you can read about the most common bonuses that lotto players usually enjoy. The types of bonuses and bonuses may differ depending on the lottery website you are playing on. These bonuses, however, are the most common, and at least one of them usually occurs on most lottery sites.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is usually part of the websites welcome bonus to recruit new players, but is usually also given to existing customers. When you take part also the deposit bonus you usually get more money to play for than you deposit. For example, if you deposit 1000 rupees with a 100% bonus, you can get 1000 extra to play, which gives you a total of 2000 on your gaming account that you can use on the lottery and sometimes even other games.

Free lines

Free lottery lines are a kind of bonus that gives you a free line on a specific or sometimes optional lottery game. With free lines you get the chance to win without having to risk your own money. Free lines are corrected in the same way and work just like regular lottery lines, no difference is made to the draw or what you can win with a free line.

Money back

A Money Back Bonus is a bonus that lets you play the lottery up to a certain amount and with the ability to get back cash at a loss. If you do not win on your lottery ticket, you can get money back through a transfer made after the draw has been made. The amount you get back usually stands in the conditions, so read through what applies to the specific lottery you are playing on.

Lotto Discount

A discount is a lot of bonus that makes lottery tickets cheaper. The discount you can get is usually between 50-70% of the usual price for a lottery ticket.

Test subscriptions

A test subscription is a kind of bonus that lets you play your lottery numbers in a monthly subscription. The lottery rows are renewed for each draw made, and you can also get big discount the first month you play.