Genuine lottery or scam

Kbc lottery
Genuine lottery or scam 25-04-2020

KBC Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

KBC Lottery Review I am sure you have seen or at least heard of Kaun Banega Crorepati but have you heard about the KBC lottery and their winners? There are several websites all claiming that they represent the lotto game and that it is genuine but just as many claiming that the lottery doesn’t exist […]

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homepage of lottery 22
Genuine lottery or scam 13-04-2020

22 Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

22 Lottery Review Another reader tip has come in and the lotto game in question is 22 lottery. Right off the bat, this lottery intrigued me since the tip sent in explained that it was completely for free! Not only is it a free online lottery but it also offers huge prices – a Mega […]

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Genuine lottery or scam 31-03-2020

Bhutan Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

Bhutan Lottery Review The Bhutan Lottery is a government lotto in the sovereign state of Bhutan. I have long known this lotto game existed but it wasn’t until recently I noticed several sites where they claim they sell tickets online. As with my other Genuine Lottery Or Scam articles, it was one of you readers […]

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picture of the goldwin lottery frontpage
Genuine lottery or scam 21-02-2020

PlayGoldwin Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

PlayGoldwin Lottery Review PlayGoldwin is an Indian online lottery that one reader asked me to review after being tipped in a WhatsApp group about a good lotto game. After some research, I saw that the PlayGoldwin lottery went under many names including PlayGoldwin1, PlayGolden or Play Gold Online which is a definite warning signal. Some […]

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Cartoon of a man holding onto money being taken by a robbers hand coming out of a screen
Genuine lottery or scam 18-02-2020

Indian Online Lottery Scams

New Article Series: Genuine Lottery or Scam? Since I wrote the Bhagyalakshmi lottery article and the PlayIndiaLottery review several of you readers have reached out to me. The reason? You have similar worries about other Indian online lotteries that have questionable websites. I quickly realized that this is a big problem that needs to be […]

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Genuine lottery or scam 11-02-2020

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine? Bhagyalakshmi lottery popped up out of nowhere when a reader asked me to review it for OnlineLotteries. When I first saw it I thought to myself “Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine?”. If you have seen the site as well I am sure you were thinking the same thing. Since there clearly is […]

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