scam alert
Informational 22-06-2020

Kerala Lottery Online – Too good to be true?

Helpful Tips from Our Readers I recently exchanged emails with a reader who told me he had made a Kerala lottery online purchase. I knew there were vendors out there that offered players the chance to purchase Kerala lottery tickets online but hadn’t heard or read any complaints about the services. So it came to […]

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failed state lottery
Informational 19-06-2020

The Story of Failed Online Government Lotteries 

Online State Lotteries In Demand I have long said that Indian government lotteries need to make the move online. As India gets more and more digital there is a huge demand for online alternatives. Food orders, grocery shopping and almost any other consumer service can be handled in a matter of seconds through smart digital […]

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bonoloto regular drum and reintegro drum
Informational 03-06-2020

BonoLoto Reintegro Explained

How does BonoLoto Reintegro work? BonoLoto is an old lottery held in Spain. Its first draw was held in 1988, on the 28th of February. The Spanish created this draw in order to provide people with frequent draws with tickets at affordable prices. The draws for the lottery are, therefore, held on all business days […]

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logo of paytm india
Guides 21-05-2020

Indian Paytm Gambling Sites

How to use Paytm in India In this guide, I will explain, in-depth, exactly how to use Paytm in India. But let’s start with the basics – What is Paytm? It is Indias most widely used payment system and e-wallet and has operated for more than 10 years. As an Indian company, it is available […]

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multilotto app
Guides 17-05-2020

Multilotto Lottery App

Guide: How to use Mulitlotto App The Multilotto app is exactly what you would expect coming from one of the worlds top lottery agents. Multilotto has more than 10 years of international online lottery experience. This translates into excellent service and a commitment to provide the best possible lotto platform for players worldwide. As a […]

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playwin lotto log
Informational 11-05-2020

PlayWin Lottery

PlayWin – The Rise & Fall of Indias First Online Lottery Playwin Lottery is known as the original Indian online lottery. Founded in November 2001 it was the first and only government online lottery sanctioned by the Sikkim government. Even though it was a privately operated by Essel Group through the PAN India Network it […]

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flag of finland lotto
Informational 09-05-2020

Finland Lotto Plus Number and Joker Explained

How do Finland Lotto Plus Number and Joker work? Lotteries are held in Finland since the 1940s. The Finnish government is responsible for organizing them and giving the license for operating to different parties interested in running them. Now, in 1971, the Veikkaus Lotto was launched, what we now know as the Finland lotto. As […]

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Informational 27-04-2020

La Primitiva Reintegro Explained

How does La Primitiva Reintegro work? La Primitiva is one of the Spanish lotto draws that is held every Thursday and Saturday at 21:30 (CET). As you can assume by its name, it is the oldest lottery in Spain, which began in 1763. In 1863, it was shut down but resumed in 1985. Its jackpots […]

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mega millions with megaplier
Informational 21-04-2020

Mega Millions MegaPlier Explained

How does Mega Millions MegaPlier work? Megaplier is a feature available on the world-famous Mega Millions. It is a 5/70 + 1/25 jackpot lottery game with draws held on Tuesday and Friday. You have nine ways to win a prize that ranges from $2 to the jackpot prize in the millions. You win if one […]

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Informational 15-04-2020

Is it safe to buy online lottery tickets in India?

Safety When Purchasing Online Lottery Tickets I understand you might have some worries about safety when it comes to buying lottery tickets online in India. Trust me, I have had the same worries. I started playing online lottos several years ago and didn’t have that much information available. That is actually one of the reasons […]

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