Winner Stories

Dubai duty free draw
Winner Stories 04-04-2020

2 Lucky Indian Dubai Duty Free Lottery Winners

$1 Million to Each of the Two Indian DDF Lottery Winners Exciting news arrived from Dubai on 17th of September, 2019, where the organizers announced that two Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Promotion draw players from India had won $1 million each. The draw was held at the Concourse D of the Dubai International Airport […]

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the big 10 million
Winner Stories 25-03-2020

8 New Big Ticket Jackpot Winners from India

Keralite Expats Share Rs. 19.82 Crore Big Ticket Jackpot Not 1, not 2 but 8 Keralite men have hade their lives changed after they won the Big Ticket Jackpot prize. What was even more amazing with this Big Ticket draw was that the second prize and third prize winners were also Indian! The eight men […]

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cartoon of 4 million dollar lottery winners
Winner Stories 12-03-2020

4 New Indian Dubai Lottery Winners!

1 Million USD to Four Indian Jackpot Winners The Dubai lottery has had four Indian jackpot winners in 2020! As if that wasn’t enough the four winners won in a row. Between the 21 of January to the 3 of March the Dubai lotto paid out more than Rs. 29 crore to the four lucky […]

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Krishna Barri wins florida lotto jackpot
Winner Stories 04-02-2020

Jackpot Winner Opens Education Trust Fund in India

Lottery Jackpot Winner’s Kindness A reoccurring theme throughout lottery jackpot winner stories is the fact that kindness pays off. Lottery winners have told amazing stories about how large and small acts of kindness have allowed them to win extraordinary prizes. Like the 1,5 billion mega millions lottery jackpot winner that let another person in a […]

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kerala lottery winner with his winning lottery ticket
Winner Stories 24-01-2020

Mohijul Rahima Sheikh – Indias Luckiest Lottery Jackpot Winner

The REAL story of Indias most famous lottery winner The story of Mohijul Rahima Sheikh is an amazing tale for sure. It is among many Indian lottery winner stories where the lucky player goes from rags to riches and there are even more now that online lotteries are available in India. A lottery ticket can […]

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sign that says 1.5 billion mega millions ticket sold
Mega Millions Winners 20-01-2020

The Unlikely Indian Mega Millions Winner!

 Indian part of the biggest lottery jackpot won by a single player! We Indians are a crucial part of many great things. We constructed some of the most beautiful structures the world has seen, we have created some of the most practised sports and our cuisine is known worldwide for its great taste and quality. […]

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Indian Student Powerball winner
Powerball Winners 03-01-2020

Indian Student wins $1 000 000 from Powerball lottery

Indian student wins Powerball playing online! Nirmal Dhamaodarasamy took home the second prize in the Powerball lottery giving him the enormous prize amount of $1 000 000 US dollars. Winning more than 7 crores is life-changing to say the least. Dhamodarasamy was a graduate student studying abroad at the University of Illinois at Chicago when […]

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Indian woman with powerball prize
Powerball Winners 10-12-2019

Indian retiree wins huge Powerball prize

Indian woman takes home $1 000 000 Powerball prize Another Indian player that got lucky playing the Powerball lottery is Sixty-two-year-old Ushakiran Patel. On March 7, 2018, Mrs Patel joins the ranks of the many earlier Indian Powerball winners but the size of her win sticks out. The retiree matched the first five numbers giving […]

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Indian winner of Mega Millions Jackpot
Mega Millions Winners 05-12-2019

Hira Singh the newest Mega Millions Crorepati!

Mega Millions jackpot won by Indian American! Hira Singh is one of many Indian Mega Millions winner but one of very few jackpot winners. After matching all six numbers it took him several days to realize that he had won the Mega Millions jackpot. He won the Tuesday draw but it wasn’t until the following […]

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Mega Millions winner from india
Winner Stories 04-12-2019

Heartbroken Indian Wins Mega Millions Jackpot!

Indian lotto player becomes a crorepati after getting dumped An Indian from Massachusetts wins a $30.5 million jackpot playing Mega Millions, days after being dumped by his girlfriend. Talk about luck, right? A “Consolation” Prize of $30.5 Million! Sandeep Singh, an Indian American lotto player who goes by the nickname “Sunny”, was left heartbroken by […]

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