Online Lotteries February 2020

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The latest from Online Lotteries in February

Now as we are preparing for new exciting lottery happenings the coming month I thought I would take the time to summarize what has happened in February 2020.

Some of the best online lotteries have seen countless winners, some numbers have been hot and some cold, new lottery sites have appeared but in this post, I am going to focus what has actually happened on this site – Online Lotteries.

Generous Indian Jackpot Winner

I started out this month by telling you about an amazing winner story. Krishna Barri, an Indian ex-pat, won the Florida lotto jackpot.

That fact that he won isn’t that amazing, he had been playing for a long time, but how he used part of his winnings was extraordinary.

He decided to create an education trust fund in India to support up to 100 eager students.

Read the whole story to find out more!

New Lottery Reviews

If you haven’t heard about Dubai Lotto I think it is about time.

After I saw Indian after Indian winning amazing prizes I knew I needed to create a review of this amazing Arab lottery.

Unlike many other lotteries, it is not a product from a lottery organization but of the duty-free in the Dubai airport.

Yes, I know, it sounds strange but you won’t think so if you get to know what you can win.

How do 1 million dollars or a brand new Bentley sound?

Those are just two of the many prizes you can win in the different lotto games offered by the Dubai Duty-Free lottery.

Take the time to read my Dubai lottery review if you want to learn more about this different lottery.

I also took a deep dive into Megalotto at the end of February.

Megalotto is the newest lottery website and they have their eyes set on market dominance.

You can expect a lot of promotions and exciting new features from this site as they attempt to give you the best possible service.

Did I mention that they are the first lottery site that has a mobile-first approach?

If you are reading this on your phone then you should definitely check out my Megalotto review.

I mean it is made for you!

Scam Alert

The biggest news this month is thanks to you, Online Lotteries readers.

Through tips I got from you I found out that there are several scam lottery sites operating in India.

This prompted me to create the brand new investigating article series “Genuine Lottery or Scam?”.

Thanks to your tips I have quite a few sites to dissect which is both good and bad.

Good that I can inform you if the site is genuine or not.

Bad that there are so many lotto sites that are dubious and even worse if they are all scams.

I love to promote new sites but it is such an awful situation that there are so many new scam sites appearing.

In the main article of the series, you can learn more about how you can protect yourself from fraud sites and how to decide if a website is genuine or not.

I also had time to analyze two lottery websites targetting Indian players:

Take a look at the reviews and find out the verdict – Genuine or scam?

Kerala Summer Bumper

Last but least now is the last opportunity to take part in the Kerala State lottery summer bumper of 2020. The draw is in March and you can win up to 4 crores from this exciting lotto game.

Some of you don’t have the opportunity to play this bumper or just think it’s too much trouble to get a ticket.

It’s understandable since it is restricted to some states and can be tough to get a hold of a ticket.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of great lotteries to choose from at my favourite lotto site below.

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