Finland Lotto Plus Number and Joker Explained

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Updated 09/05/2020

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How do Finland Lotto Plus Number and Joker work?

Lotteries are held in Finland since the 1940s. The Finnish government is responsible for organizing them and giving the license for operating to different parties interested in running them.

Now, in 1971, the Veikkaus Lotto was launched, what we now know as the Finland lotto. As implied by the name, the lotto draw is run by the Veikkaus operator company.

The record win in this lottery was registered in 2019. A player won a jackpot prize of €15.5 million. There are six prize tiers that can be won, mainly thanks to the two special features.

The draws are held on Saturdays, at 21:10 (CET). A player needs to select seven numbers from 1 through 40. The jackpot prize is won if all seven numbers are matched.

As Finland lotto nowadays is an international online lottery you can enjoy it easily from India.

Plus Number

However, there are two cool features, the Plus Number and the supplementary Joker round that can help you win even more substantial prizes.

A ticket for the draw costs €1, but for an additional €0.50 you get a Plus number, a random number from 1 to 30 which you need to match to get the non-jackpot prizes, and win a payout multiplied by 5!

With this Plus number, up to €1 million can be added to the original value of the prize. The prizes, of course, depend on how many lottery tickets were sold, and how many winners are in each tier.


An additional game is played, called the Joker, right after the Finland Lotto draw. You need to choose seven numbers from 0 to 9. You are allowed to repeat the same number more than once.

After the regular draw, a second draw takes place where the Joker numbers are drawn. The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize you get. The cost of playing this round is €2.

If you’ve chosen the numbers 1234567 and the drawn numbers were 1253567, you win a prize for the numbers you matched, 12**567.

For the last number you matched, your win is doubled, thanks to the additional Double Joker feature, which costs €1. This feature doubles the Joker win if you’ve managed to match the last drawn number.

The Joker prizes are fixed, and the Joker jackpot is usually €1 million, while the Double Joker €2 million. The other prizes go from €40,000 to €6.

Should You Play the Plus Number and Joker?

If you take into consideration the fact that the Plus number costs additional €0.50 but can multiply the non-jackpot prizes up to 5, meaning up to €1 million can be won with it, you should definitely play it.

The Joker round costs additional €2, but is super fun, gives you better odds to guess the numbers right, and can deliver an additional prize of €1 million. Double Joker, too, costs only €1 and can give you €2 million, if you guess the last number.

In short, whenever you can afford it, make sure you play the Plus number and the Joker and Double Joker numbers.

Magnificent prizes can be yours. Have fun!

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