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  • Accepted in India: Yes
  • Maximum Jackpot: INR 548,850,400
  • Ticket cost: INR 31 to INR 117.61
  • Agents available in India: 50+
BonoLoto Lottery

Originally a Spanish Lottery, Bonoloto has managed to take rest of Europe with a storm. Now, for the first time, Indian players can enjoy the lottery as well!

Guide to playing BonoLoto

We Indians are no strangers to lotteries. Be it the Kerala State Lotteries, the Punjab Lottery or Sikkim lotteries, we have seen lotteries spinning dreams inside the common man’s imagination. To participate in these draws, you will have to go buy the tickets from your retailer. Those are our own versions of dreams – where you take a simple ticket and imagine going on to win a bumper prize. But here at Online Lotteries – you won’t need to go to a retailer.

What if I tell you that you can actually realise your dreams with a simple lottery ticket and six numbers – that too sitting in your chair and playing online?

Let me tell you a bit more about how you are going to be part of the millionaire club.

BonoLoto is a Spanish lottery game created to make frequent draws available to participants at affordable prices. The game became more popular when it integrated the Reintegro prize in 1991. Today, you can play this international lottery game online with draws happening Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

BonoLoto lottery is a 6/49 game. Which means that if the six numbers you choose on your ticket match the six drawn in the game, you win the jackpot. The jackpot usually starts at a minimum of €400,000 (INR 31,298,640). With an approved online lottery agent, you can play the game from anywhere, in multiple options and that too at a price you won’t regret.

What is BonoLoto?

Originally started in Spain, BonoLoto lottery can now be played from any part of the globe through online agents. The draw of this lottery happens daily, except for Sunday at 19:00 GMT (12.30 am IST) in Madrid. The first draw of the lottery, which started off as a lower-cost alternative to win big bucks happened in 1988 and when it comes down to 2019, the record highest jackpot ever won stands at INR 548,850,400 (€7,00,000).

BonoLoto is a hot favourite for lottery lovers. A simple game, BonoLoto requires you to select six numbers from a ticket and you can have a piece from the winnings. You can increase your luck by buying more tickets, pool your money in group tickets or try out the multi-draw option.

BonoLoto allocates 55 percent of its ticket income to prizes. You will win the jackpot or the first tier if six of your numbers match with the ones drawn. Let me tell you, if you are lucky, you can win at least INR 3 crore (€ 400,000). The jackpot will roll over until a winner is found. The prizes will be given in single cash payment.

During the draw, the officials will announce a supplementary number ‘complementario’, to find the second prize. You will win the second prize if you match five numbers out of six numbers drawn and the supplementary number.

To win a modest amount from the game, you just have to get 3 numbers right, landing you in the fifth tier.

Since 1991, the lottery also offers ‘Reintegro’, a reimbursement offered to the player who could match the number which was randomly assigned to their ticket to the one announced. They will win the price of the ticket back, or €1.00 per line played.

The Jackpot

It’s only a matter of luck for you to win the BonoLoto jackpot. The jackpot sits at a comfortable minimum of € 400,0000 and with each rollover and draws happening six times in a week, the amount will accumulate into millions.

Lottery enthusiasts across the world take part in the lottery to have a winning streak. In 1990, a BonoLoto player crossed the staggering € 7 million mark (INR 5.4 crores). A group game also proved successful for its members when each of them took home €34,000 from a jackpot of € 3.2 million. The jackpot will be paid out in a single cash payment.

The Payout

With a six-tier prize system, BonoLoto offers you many options to invest your money and get decent payouts. The lottery will pay a single cash payment if you win the jackpot. The odds to win a jackpot at the tier one is 1 to 13,983,816. If you turn lucky, you will be rewarded with a lump sum amount, presented to you in Madrid, Spain!

The odds go up to 1 to 2,330,636 and 1 to 55,491 for the second and third tier respectively. You could win the fourth tier at an odds of 1:1,032 and 1:57 at the fifth tier. To win a Reintegro tier, you are at the odds of 1 out of 10. The players can get a decent amount for second, third, fourth or fifth tiers. The sixth tier is for the reimbursement payout, in which you can win back the prize of your ticket. The player can expect a payout in millions for the first two tiers but who knows.

All BonoLoto prizes are subject to taxation. The winnings above € 2,500 are taxed 20 per cent.

Can I buy BonoLoto tickets in India?

BonoLoto tickets are easily available across the world, even from India. You can choose to play BonoLoto lottery by going to and selecting from the varied range of agent websites we have listed. There are many websites offering to sell BonoLoto tickets free. Some other online lottery agents might charge a small fee for hosting your account.

There are popular websites like Lottosend, OneLotto which offers to host your wallet and sell tickets to you. The winnings, if any, will be transferred to the wallet you create in the agent’s web platform and can be withdrawn at your discretion.

How do I play BonoLoto online?

Playing BonoLoto online is very easy. To play the game you have to log on to a lottery agent and follow the below mentioned simple steps to be in hours away from your jackpot.

  • Select one of the 50 lotteries from the list to start playing BonoLoto online.
  • In the reseller website make an account to buy tickets.
  • Once you have created the account, you can select the type of draws you want to put your money in.
  • Select single draw or multi-draw options and then select six numbers on your ticket. You can avail an auto select option where six random numbers will be
  • selected for you. You can also select as many tickets you want or invest for a share of the tickets in a group game.
  • Once you have selected, click order or click the cart sign on your account on the top right corner.
  • Once you have verified your order, proceed to pay. Select your payment method and click confirm.
  • You have successfully played your first game in BonoLoto lottery. Now you just have to wait for the draw to happen.
  • Remember, you have to purchase the tickets at least three hours before the draw happens at 19:00 GMT (12:30 am).
  • One the draws have taken place, BonoLoto will announce the prize breakdown and the website on which you had made the account will publish the results.
  • The website will also send an email to all participating players.
  • The prize money will be loaded into your account in the website after it checks your ticket and winning numbers.
  • You can easily withdraw your winnings from the ‘My Wallet’ option on the site.


Q: Who can take part in BonoLoto Lottery?

A: Anyone above 18 years with a stable internet connection, from anywhere in the world can buy tickets for the BonoLoto Lottery. You will also need a bank account, necessary proof of identity to complete the formalities. Checking with the regulations on playing the lottery in your area of residence is also advised before playing.

Q: How much does a BonoLoto ticket cost?

A: A single BonoLoto ticket currently costs approximately from INR 31 to INR 117.61. The tickets could be bought from an online lottery agent using a secure payment gateway.

Q: What is the biggest BonoLoto Jackpot?

A: The largest BonoLoto jackpot ever won is INR 548,850,400

Q: What are my chances of winning?

A: The overall probability of winning a BonoLoto prize is 1 out of 10.

Q: Are there any numbers better than the others?

A: Experienced players make it a point to choose numbers after studying the frequently drawn numbers. For this, you need to keep track of the previous draws and study the possibilities.

Q: When are the BonoLoto draw?

A: The BonoLoto draw happens every day of the week at 12.30am IST except Sunday. The results of the draw will be published on the site you have registered.

Q: How can I be sure I will receive my price?

A: If you win any the BonoLoto in any of the draws, the amount will be transferred to your account in the online agent you logged in to purchase the tickets. In some sites like lottosphoto, the player will receive a digital photo of their bets before the draws happen. You should make sure that the online agent, as well as the payment gateway, uses the https protocol. Larger prizes like the second tier or the jackpot will be paid only in cash payment. You have to collect the money personally from the officials in Spain. Why not? You are winning a jackpot of (EUR 400,000) INR 31,362,880..!