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  • Accepted in India: Yes
  • Maximum Jackpot: Rs. 701 crore
  • Ticket cost: €2
  • Agents available in India: 50+
EuroJackpot Lottery

Guide to playing Eurojackpot Lottery

Here is a simple instructional guide to playing the Eurojackpot lottery. Eurojackpot is a PowerBall-type lotto game that today is played in 18 countries. But shouldn’t be confused with Powerball. It can be played online on lottery sites that offer Eurojackpot. This is a simple and informative guide to playing Eurojackpot, which offers a substantial payout as compared to other multinational lotteries. Indians can play it online via Eurojackpot websites.

You can play EuroJackpot anywhere in the world, including in India, by signing up with an online lottery partner. To play, simply choose the numbers on their website. Playing online will give you the same odds as buying the ticket in person, and is a secure process that is licensed by trusted gaming authorities. The winnings are paid online, and no hidden costs or commission is charged on winnings.  Players in India have a major advantage when playing Eurojackpot. Firstly, the total prize pool is a much larger prize than most national lotteries. Secondly, with the robust Euro to Rupee exchange rate, even a small win has considerable value.

What is the Eurojackpot lotto?

EuroJackpot lottery is Europe’s fastest growing lottery. The multinational European lottery can be played worldwide on Eurojackpot websites, and started after several European national lottery officials met in Amsterdam at a summit to create a new European lottery.

These representatives decided to hold a draw every Friday in Helsinki, Finland, which would be similar in format to the well-known EuroMillions lottery. The first EuroJackpot draw was held in March 2012. In 2014, it awarded a record-breaking top prize worth €90 million to a Czech player.

When compared to other multinational lotteries, Eurojackpot offers much higher odds of winning the jackpot. As it follows a well-known lottery format, it is easy to understand. Jackpots start at €10 million, and the maximum jackpot is €90 million. While lotteries are sold online in India and their sale governed by state rules and regulations, the payout is considerably lower than Eurojackpot, as well as international lotteries.

How to win Eurojackpot lotto

I know that a lottery offering a prize that starts in crores of rupees and only gets higher might make you feel that it’s going to be challenging, but Eurojackpot is perhaps one of the easiest online gaming experiences.

To win, players must select five numbers from a guess-range between one to 50, and two additional numbers guess from a range of 1-10. These two additional numbers allow players to win supplementary prizes. While there are 12 prize categories in total, winning the first prize requires getting all five regular numbers and both the additional numbers correct.

The Jackpot

Eurojackpot has 12 prize tiers. Anyone who matches all the five main numbers and both the Euro numbers will be eligible to win a share of the Eurojackpot jackpot. If in the first draw, no one matches all the numbers, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. This continues till it reaches its cap of Rs. 701 crore.

Prizes are calculated on a weekly basis as a percentage of the total. This means that the more the number of the jackpot roll-overs, the higher the prize. A sole tier-2 winner, for example, is likely to win Rs. 7.78 crore; in comparison, if the prize is shared among 3-5 people, you will receive between Rs. 1.55 crore to Rs. 2.33 crore instead. So, no matter how low you win, you’ll still receive a pretty hefty and rewarding payout.

Can I buy a Eurojackpot ticket in India?

Eurojackpot has a robust online presence, and lotto tickets for Eurojackpot are sold across the world by resellers and agents. India is among the countries accepted by over fifty trusted lottery websites listed at onlinelotteries.

Every day, a significant number of Indian players purchase Eurojackpot tickets online, all trying their luck. Many many become eligible to win amazing cash prizes. After you place an order online for your lotto tickets, inputting the guessed numbers, a ticket courier will purchase a physical ticket on your behalf with the seven numbers you have decided in one of the European countries where the draw is held.

This ticket will be scanned as proof of purchase, and the scan will be accessible in the online account. Upon winning, the account will trigger an alert and you will also receive an instant email notification. Therefore, not only can you buy a ticket in India, but also claim your winnings here as well. As Eurojackpot lotteries accepting Indian players has become more common, the process is becoming more streamlined and easy for players in India.

How do I play Eurojackpot online?

Playing Eurojackpot via online tickets is both easy and convenient, even more so than playing at a retail store. Tickets bought online are stored in an online account and automatically checked for winnings. Prizes will be notified instantly and deposited into the account for withdrawal.

Playing Eurojackpot online is also convenient, as the tickets can be bought at a time that suits you, as your playing hours are not limited by the hours of operations set by the lottery operators. You could be sipping coffee at a cafe early in the morning or using some of your evenings free time – playing digitally is a 24X7 experience.

Making regular playing easier, many participating countries offer a subscription service. You can change your numbers on a weekly basis. For example, Finland’s national lottery operator Veikkaus allows players to use a subscription service to enter themselves into draws until they opt out.


Q: How much does a Eurojackpot ticket cost?

A: A single Eurojackpot ticket costs €2.

Q: What is the biggest EuroJackpot?

A: The biggest EuroJackpot is €90 million.

Q: What are my chances of winning?

A: The EuroJackpot prizes come in 12 divisions  – this includes the jackpot prize – making the odds favourable for players! Even if just some of the five winning numbers are guessed correctly in combination with guessing the two Euro numbers correctly, a good amount stands to be won. And, even if still guesses just one of main numbers (and two of the Euro numbers), a complimentary 12th prize is still certain.

Q: Are there any numbers better than the others?

A: The EuroJackpot is a game entirely of luck, many any number or numbers potentially favourable.

Q: When is the Eurojackpot draw?

A: The Eurojackpot takes place every Friday at 9 PM Eastern European Time (EET). For those playing online, note that sales of lotto tickets may close a few hours earlier than for offline playing.

Q: What are the rules?

A: Players must be over the age of eighteen, and have a valid proof identity and address.