Guide to playing Finland lotto

Finland lotto goes under several names such as Finnish lottery or Veikkaus lottery and is the national lottery of the country of a thousand lakes, Finland.

Even though it is owned by the Finnish government Indian players can play this now international lottery thanks to online lottery agents and bookkeepers.

You can imagine the Sikkim State Lottery but with players worldwide. Just like said Indian state lottery, it is a traditional part of society in Finland to play the lotto with a large percentage of citizens playing. Over 70% of the Finnish population plays the lotto regularly!

As with most lotteries, the more players, the better the prizes!

In this guide you will be able to find out how to play the Finnish lottery, what Finland lotto websites you should join and what you can win! Let’s jump straight into it!

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What is the Finland lotto?

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Lotteries have been around in Finland since July 1940 meaning they have had more than 80 years to perfect their craft. Not only does the lottery have years of experience but they also adhere to the strict administration of Northern European countries meaning you will never have to worry about any clerical errors.

The income from the national lotteries in Finland have been used to support several welfare programs within the country in areas such as medication, research, culture and youth development.

This resembles the welfare programs supported by the Kerala state government which among others provide financial support for medical bills.

Even though it resembles Indian state lotteries it is far from them. It is not only easier to play the Finnish lottery but it is also safer and offers higher prizes. When playing online at one of my trusted lottery sites you will never have to worry about fake tickets, something that has plagued several states in India.

You can also buy tickets in a matter of seconds with a cellphone and an internet connection.

The Veikkaus Finland Lotto is a 7/39 game meaning you need to choose 7 numbers in the range of 1 to 40. There is also a bonus number drawn used to determine the 2nd prize. You can also choose to buy an additional plus number which works as an x5 multiplier if you match it as well. Sadly the multiplier does not work for the jackpot.

Some of the lottery agents featured here also allow you to play the Joker option and Luck Holidays giving you extra chances to win!

Draws for the Finnish lottery take place every Saturday at 8.45 pm which is Sunday at 12.15 am in India.

The Jackpot

The Finland Lotto jackpot is exciting for several reasons. It has several of the characteristics that make international lotteries so attractive.

First of all, the jackpot starts very high, 700 000 euros which is more than 5 crores. Secondly, it has a rollover meaning that every jackpot that isn’t won will be added to the coming draw.

Most likely if you win the jackpot you will get a prize a lot bigger than just 5 crores. Almost all jackpot winners so far have won over 10 crores!

The biggest Finland lotto jackpot so far was won in 2019 where one lucky player walked away with €15.5 million (More than 121 crores)!

The Payout

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Finnish Lotto has an impeccable track record of payouts and has since it’s start given more than €500 million to its players.

There are 7 prize tiers in total in the Finnish lottery with the jackpot being won when you match all 7 numbers.

Below you can see a table with all the prize tiers, average win, average win with multiplier plus number and your odds of winning each.

PrizeNumbers MatchedAverage WinMultiplier Plus Average WinOdds of Winning
Jackpot7€5 000 000N/A1 in 1,53,80,937
2nd Prize6+1€100 000€500 0001 in 7,34,426
3rd Prize6€2 000€10 0001 in 68,665
4th Prize5€50€2501 in 1,387
5th Prize4€10€501 in 73
6th Prize3+1€2€10N/A
7th PrizePlus Number€0€51 in 30

All payouts including the Finnish lottery jackpot are paid out as a lump sum. This gives you access to your complete win the moment the draw is done!

The Joker option can allow you to win €1 000 000 and you can double that amount by playing a double joker. The Luck Holidays option gives you an extra chance to win a €1 000.

Can I buy a Finland Lotto tickets in India?

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As I mentioned earlier joining in on all the Finnish lottery fun is easy. All you need to do is head over to any of the top online lottery sites featured here, make an account and start playing.

Each lottery agent and bookkeeper has different perks and only you know the right fit for yourself. I have made several detailed lottery reviews where you can find information on the different aspects of each website.

Some things you can keep in mind while looking through the reviews are:

  • Lotto Promotions – We all like bonuses and promotions but some people more than others. If you think bonuses are a vital part of your lottery adventure make sure to choose a site with good ones.
  • Online Casino – Speaking for myself, I like gaming online in general which includes casino games as well. If you are like me it can be a good idea to choose lottery sites with an online casino as well. Some gambling sites feature online casinos, sportsbook and lottery as well!
  • Mobile – Do you only use your cellphone to access the internet? Then you should probably choose a lotto website with a dedicated app or a highly optimized mobile site.
  • Payment Options – An important part of gaming online is deposits and withdrawals. If you have a specific option you need, double-check that the site you look has your preferred option.
  • Lottery Games – Some people are 100% focused on one game whereas others want to spread out their luck on several. If you identify as the latter you should check that the lottery site you like has lots of top-rated online lottery games to choose from!
  • Customer Support – If you are new to buying things online it might be a good idea to find a site with 24/7 customer support. This way anytime you run into a problem or have a doubt you can get help instantly.

So now all you need to do is read my trusted lotto reviews and sign up for an account at the lottery website you like to start playing!

How do I play Finland Lotto online?

Let’s say you have your brand new account at the lottery site you liked and you’re ready to play but you think “wait a minute, how do I play the Finnish lotto?”.

To play the Finnish lotto you need to know how you want to play. The first step is to choose if you want to select your own numbers or choose randomized. I usually play every other ticket with randomized and the others I select my own numbers.

As mentioned earlier some lotto sites allow you to play the Joker option and Luck Holidays, each of which cost around 100 rupees extra. So you need to decide if you want to play any of these options as well.

The last step is to choose how many draws you want to play. Most lotto websites allow you to choose up to 20 draws and you can also play by subscription where your ticket gets renewed each week automatically.
By now you should have your first Finland lotto ticket ready and all you need to do is wait for the draw and hopefully win the jackpot!


🏵 How much does a Finland Lotto ticket cost?

A Finland lotto ticket costs €1 which is around 80 INR. Since the lottery agents go out and buy the tickets for you in the country of origin you will most likely need to pay a little bit more as well to cover their expenses. The multiplier option and Luck Holidays costs an extra €0,50 each and the Joker costs €1 and €1 more for the double joker option.

🏵 What is the biggest Finland Lotto Jackpot?

The biggest jackpot so far is €15.5 million (More than 121 crores)!

🏵 What are my chances of winning?

Your chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 1,53,80,937 and 1 in 30 to win any prize if you choose the multiplier option.

🏵 Are there any numbers better than the others?

All numbers have the exact same odds of winning but there are so-called hot and cold number where hot numbers occur more frequently and cold numbers seldom occur. There are some players who claim that you should choose hot numbers since they occur more often. Then are others that prefer cold numbers because they think they are due to appear. In the end, the best numbers are the ones you feel the luckiest with!

🏵 When is the Finland Lotto draw?

Draws take place every Saturday at 8.45 pm in Helsinki which is Sunday at 12.15 am in India.

🏵 What are the rules?

18+ and have a valid proof of identity and address

🏵 How can I be sure I will receive my price?

Since it is a government-run and funded lottery the only way you won’t receive your payout is if all of Finland is bankrupt which will never happen. Also, all the lotto websites I have reviewed always pay their players the wins.