Guide to playing Kerala State Lottery

The first government lotto in India is the Kerala State Lottery. Since it first started running, it has been inspiring other states to follow suit and found their own lotteries.

The best thing about the Kerala lottery is that it offers a lottery draw every single day of the week, plus 6 Bumper lotteries that are organized during important religious holidays and events.

For instance, the month of April is the month of Vishu. Is there a better way to celebrate the state’s festival than by buying a ticket for the Bumper draw and winning a prize?

If you’ve never participated in these lottery draws, you can always check the Kerala State lottery website for more detailed information.

Sadly, you cannot participate in the draws online, as contrary to international lottery draws, you can only buy tickets for the Kerala lottery by land-based retailers and shops.

Or, you can read my review, because as always, I try to do my best to present to you the most important details on each lottery draw and lottery website, and everything that has to do with lotto. Yes, I am that big of a lotto fan!

Due to the Coronavirus the Kerala State Lottery has paused all games. You can not play the Kerala State Lottery during the lockdown.

If you want to play lotteries from your home safely – you should check out Online Lottery Alternatives below. All the lotteries featured below allow you to play the best international lotteries available, securely from India!

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What is the Kerala lotto?

The Kerala lotto is the first lottery that appeared in India in 1967. It has since then been run by the Lottery Department of the Government of Kerala.

Following its success, many other states created their own lottery draws that exist to this day. But the Kerala State lottery is still the most recognized since it offers a draw every single day of the week!

Each draw takes place at 15:00, every single day of the week. The draws are held in Thiruvananthapuram, the department’s headquarters. Other than their daily draws they have several larger bumper draws as well. These occur mostly on holidays and reward bigger prizes than weekly draws.

The lottery can actually be quite rewarding. It has created many instant crorepatis throughout the years, which have played for really cost-effective ticket prices.

The Jackpot

Kerala jackpots aren’t near the size of international online lottery games but still have pretty decent payouts. Considering there are 7 draws each week, you can play for Kerala State lottery jackpot prizes every day.

DayLotteryJackpot Amount
MondayWin Win65 Lakh
TuesdaySthree Sakthi60 Lakh
WednesdayAksatha60 Lakh
ThursdayKarunya Plus80 Lakh
FridayNirmal Weekly60 Lakh
SaturdayKarunya80 Lakh
SundayPournami70 Lakh

These are some great rewards, considering the ticket prices go from Rs 20 to Rs 50.

If you are interested in some of the biggest jackpots available among Indian state lotteries you should consider the bumper lotteries. There are 6 different bumpers running throughout the year all with jackpots worth several crore.

A ticket of the kerala state bumper lottery 2020
A Kerala bumper lottery ticket in 2020

The tickets for the Bumper lotteries, though, cost more, from Rs 100 to Rs 200, but also give better top prizes, up to 10 crores.

Bumper LotteryDraw MonthJackpot Amount
Christmas New Year Bumper LotteryJanuary6 Crore
Summer Bumper LotteryMarch4 Crore
Vishu Bumper LotteryMay5 Crore
Monsoon Bumper LotteryJuly2 Crore
Thiruvonam Bumper LotterySeptember10 Crore
Pooja Bumper LotteryNovember4 Crore
The Vishu Bumper 2020 is the next big bumper to take place in the Kerala Lottery. Right now it is very unclear if it is going to take place due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. Online lottery games have not been affected though so you can still play for the best games at the site below!

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The Payout

To get a payout the first thing you need to do is check the Kerala Lottery results.

Payouts of up to Rs 1 lakh can be claimed from the District Lottery Offices. Winning tickets with a prize over Rs 1 lakh and Kerala lottery jackpot prizes should be presented to the Director of State Lotteries.

It’s quite a hassle to claim Indian lottery wins since you need to affix your signature, name and address in addition to documents such both-sides copy of the winning ticket, two passport-size photos, receipt, self-attested copy of the PAN card and an identity document copy.

You can also claim the prize amount through State/District, Scheduled, or Nationalised Co-Operative banks. The bank will then submit your claim documents to the Director of State Lotteries on your behalf.

For prizes exceeding Rs 10,000, a 30% income tax will be deducted. Prizes above Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 20 lakhs will be passed for payout to the Deputy Director, and those above to the Director.

Can I buy Kerala tickets in India?

Tickets can be purchased from more than 100,000 retailers and 35,000 agents but you cannot purchase tickets online, like with most international lotteries. Be careful when you buy tickets from a stand since there are fake lottery tickets being sold throughout India.

a lottery stand in kerala
A lottery ticket stand for the Kerala State Lotto

If you’re Indian but living in a different country or just want to play lotteries online, you still have a choice.

Not one, for that matter. I have reviewed over 50 lottery websites that accept Indian lotto players and that sell tickets for some of the best international lotteries.

To play at any of these sites, you would only have to register and create an account. Considering you have many online lotto sites to choose from, you need to prioritize your needs as a player.

Online Lottery Websites

I have made sure that all the lottery sites listed are offering at least one if not all of the following:

  • 24/7 Customer Support – You might be unsure how to play, or insecure about payments, so I have listed sites that offer a Customer Support that is available 24/7.
  • Various Promotions – A variety of freebies in the form of bonuses or promotions can be quite useful to lotto players, so I have made sure you get that on any lotto website you decide to join from my list.
  • Massive Lotto Games Selection – Each of the sites listed here is some of the highest rated online lotteries and offer at least a handful, if not many more, international lotteries for you to choose from, Powerball, EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto included.
  • Side Games – Not all online lotto websites offer side games, but the ones I listed offer the most amazing, world-renowned slots, table games, bingo poker and other side games.
  • Mobile Compatibility – It is important for you to be able to play lotto via your smartphone or tablet. That’s why all of the sites listed here are mobile-compatible.
  • Payment Method Choices – I always make sure to list sites that accept Indian players and also allow payments in Indian rupees, but also US dollars and cryptocurrencies, just in case.

Already decided what kind of an online lottery site to join? Great! Check any of the lotto website reviews from my list and you’ll see that it offers everything you need!

How do I play Kerala state lottery online?

The short answer, you can’t. The only thing you can check online is the results of the previous draws.

If you want to play lotto online, you would need to join an online lottery site that offers international lottery games.

However, if you are determined to try out Kerala lottery, you would need to go to the nearest retailer or agent and purchase tickets.

As mentioned, there are so many of them, and many new ones are being added to the list each year. Therefore, you have a choice: play land-based Kerala lottery or online international lotteries! Good luck!


🏵 How much does a Kerala Lottery ticket cost?

The tickets for the daily draws cost Rs 20 to Rs 50. Tickets for the Bumper draws that are held 6 times over the year, cost anywhere from Rs 100 to Rs 200.

🏵 What is the biggest Kerala Lotto Jackpot?

The biggest Kerala lottery jackpot is 10 crores, but it cannot be won for the daily draws. To get a shot at the 10 crores top prize, you would have to play the Bumper draws.

🏵 What are my chances of winning?

There’s a top prize winner on every draw and many other winners of smaller prizes. However, the odds of you winning would depend on your own luck.

🏵 Are there any numbers better than the others?

You could go online and check the Kerala lottery results of previous draws to see whether you’ll find a pattern. Maybe some numbers are drawn more often than others, and those are the numbers you need to put on your ticket.

🏵 When is the Kerala Lottery draw?

The daily draws take place every day at 15:00. The Bumper draws are held during, before or after the Pooja, Vishu, Thiruvonam and New Year, while the Monsoon on the 18th of July. The Summer Bumper takes place in March every year.

🏵 What are the rules?

You need to purchase your ticket from the official retailers or agents, and after you have your ticket, you need to write your name, address and signature on the back of the ticket. That’s how the ownership of the ticket is determined, so do that and don’t let someone else claim your prize. You also have to be over 18 to play.

🏵 How can I be sure I will receive my price?

As long as you have your winning ticket, and you’ve gathered all the documents you need to provide the bank, Deputy Director or the Director of State Lotteries, you can rest assured that the prize will be yours.