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  • Accepted in India: Yes
  • Maximum Jackpot: INR 7,92,81,25,200
  • Ticket cost: INR 77 to INR 467
  • Agents available in India: 50+
La Primitiva Lottery

Guide to playing La Primitiva

Do you love the lottery as much as I do? How about a lottery which blends centuries-old tradition with Spanish royalty.

La Primitiva is one of the oldest lottery games that run even today, exciting millions across the globe to take part in an inquest of luck and sheer excitement.

This game has its roots in the golden glory of Spanish royalty. It was originally created by the Marquis of Esquilache, a Sicilian statesman and minister to the King Charles III of Spain in 1763.

You can play La Primitiva, a simple lottery game using six numbers ranging from 1 to 49 (and a bit of luck) on your mobile phone as well as a laptop.

In most of the Indian lotteries, you win prizes from jackpots to consolation prizes when you match the serial numbers on your tickets to the ones announced by the organisers. In simpler terms, the more numbers you match with the ones announced, the chances go high for you to win bigger amounts.

International lotteries like La Primitiva are similar to Kerala or Sikkim lottery tickets except, here is the catch – you choose the numbers. It is you who hold the key to your luck and it is absolutely on you to decide if you want to play your numbers on one or multiple draws.

Read on to find how to play this exciting tryst with luck.

What is La Primitiva?

La Primitiva is considered to be one of the biggest lottery in the world apart from being one of the oldest running.

The game was started in 1763 Spain by the Marquis of Esquilache to create more funds for the Spanish Treasury. The lottery boomed for a whole century and was resuscitated in 1985 by Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. If the 18th-century game was a 5/90 lottery, the new version became 6/49.

The game is played twice a week and gives out prizes in seven basic tiers. The total amount given out by the lottery goes over 967 crore (USD 1.39 billion) per year.

La Primitiva is a 6/49 game. This means that you choose six numbers on your ticket and when the six numbers drawn in the game match yours, you take the jackpot home.

The jackpot amount has gone up recently and looking at the recent results, you can win up to INR 156 crore (EUR 2 crore) if you hit all six numbers. You can be part of the millionaire club, give wings to dreams by joining the game through an approved online lottery agent and put in your tickets in single or multiple draws.

You can play La Primitiva from any part of the globe through online lottery agents. The draw happens twice a week – Thursday and Saturday at 1.00 am IST (7.30 pm UTC). You can play for the Thursday draw from Sunday to Thursday and from Friday to Saturday for the second draw. You can also check the option for entering both draws by clicking ‘Weekly’, while buying your tickets.

La Primitiva set a record when a player won INR 56 crore (EUR 73 million) jackpot in 2014. The lottery broke the said record in a colossal way in October 2015 when a player won INR 792 crore (EUR 101.7 million).

How do you play La Primitiva?

The game is pretty simple. You buy a ticket (or multiple ones) online and select six numbers from a range of 1 to 49. There is a second range of numbers of 0 to 9- called the ‘Reintegro’, from which you will be assigned one random number. If you get to match all your six numbers with the numbers announced by the authorities, well, you just turned a millionaire and all set for life. If no one got the 7 guesses right, the jackpot, which will range from INR 39 crore to INR 156 crore, increases and rolls over to the next draw.

If you got your six guesses correct as well as the Reintegro number i.e 6+1 digits, you win an additional amount with your jackpot.

The authorities will announce a complementary number called bonus ball during the draw to give an additional boost to your luck. If you get this number correct along with 5 of your other correct guesses, you will win the second prize.

If you guess at least three lucky numbers, you win the 6th prize (around EUR 8) in La Primitiva. If your only lucky guess is the Reintegro number, you will be awarded the prize of your ticket.

Increase your winning streak by buying more tickets and availing the weekly draw option, in which case, your ticket will be drawn on both game days. There is also a chance for you to win an extra million by opting for a ‘Joker’ option.

Why should you take part in La Primitiva?

Would you rather prefer a real, paper ticket or a virtual ticket in an online account which will look out for the results for you? By playing online, you don’t have to stand in a queue or depend on your local lottery seller for the results. You get your results and your money in a safe and secure channel.

Millions around the world have realised that smart and safe is the best way to invest your hard earned money in the lottery. If you have registered with an online lottery agent, the jackpot which you hopefully win will be automatically transferred to your account.

The Jackpot

What I have observed from the recent trends in La Primitiva results is that the jackpot tends to roll over intermittently – resulting in huge surprises to the lucky player who draws next. The jackpot normally hovers around the range of INR 8 crores to INR 11 crores on a low week and sometimes it just shoots up.

Think about finding out that your six numbers got matched in the draw. You won a jackpot. Now think about getting a Reintegro match in addition to the six numbers. You just won at least a million more.

With each roll over and draws happening twice a week, the amount will accumulate into millions and millions of Euros.

The most recent jackpot win would be the INR 612 crore (EUR 78,585,995.56) won in January 2019. Who knows, you could be looking at a winner when you look at yourself in the mirror after you buy that ticket online.

There are many accounts of people winning humongous amounts of jackpot over time.  A group of bus drivers in Malaga, Spain who have been taking part in the game for two decades won a whopping INR 2.49 crore (EUR 24.92 million) in 2005. They were participating in ‘Lucky Number 20’, a special draw created to honour the 20th anniversary of the resuscitated game.

The Payout

La Primitiva offers you a seven-tier prize system. You get decent payouts with a ticket prize safe enough for your pocket. In La Primitiva, 55 percent of the ticket money is used to

distribute prizes in six categories. While the odds of winning a jackpot is 1 out of 139,838,160 and you are at 1 out of 10 odds to win the reintegro prize. You can be assured that you will win at least INR 23.39 crore (EUR 3 million) if you hit the jackpot.

The overall odds for you to win any prize in the game is 1 out of 8.43.

The odds go up to 1 to 15,537,573 and 1 to 20,975,724 for the second and third tier respectively. You could win the fourth tier at an odds of 1:2,330,636 and 1:542,008 at the fifth tier.

You can expect a fantastic payout in millions of Euros for the first two tiers and decent payouts for the rest.

All La Primitiva prizes are subject to taxation. All earnings above € 20,000 are taxed 20 per cent. The taxation is also subjective to the country you live in. Anyway, if you are millionaire, is shifting even an issue? Ibiza, Monaco, Singapore, The Bahamas? Sure, why not.

Can I buy La Primitiva tickets in India?

La Primitiva lottery tickets could be bought from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, even from India. Just go to and select La Primitiva from the 50+ varied range of agent websites we have listed. A single ticket will cost you from INR (77) EUR 1 to INR 467 (EUR 6) and some online lottery agents might charge a small fee for hosting your account while others offer you free hosting.

International websites like The Lotter, Lottomania, OneLotto are examples of international agents who offer to host your wallet and sell tickets to you. Your winnings will be transferred to the wallet you create in the agent’s web platform and can be withdrawn at your discretion.

How do I play La Primitiva online?

Playing La Primitiva online is a piece of cake once you get to know about the draws. Just visit and then follow the below mentioned simple steps to start rewriting your life’s luck.

  • From the 50+ lotteries, we have listed in, select one to start playing La Primitiva online.
  • Make an account for yourself In the reseller website to buy tickets.
  • Select the type of draws you want to put your money on after making the account.
  • Select single/daily draw or weekly draw options and select six numbers on the ticket.
  • In Daily Draw, you can participate in either the Thursday draw or the Saturday draw. If you click Weekly Draw, your ticket will be played on both days.
  • Select on more number- the ‘Reintegro’ or refund number.
  • There is also an option where six random numbers will be selected for you. You can select as many tickets you want.
  • Click ‘Next’ or ‘Order’ which will you lead you to a window where you can review your order.
  • Pay for your order using the different payment methods available (net banking, credit card, debit card).
  • Click Confirm.
  • Make sure your payments are done through secure channels – check if the address on your browser shows https and not HTTP.
  • Voila! You just bought your first tickets to freedom. You just have to wait for the online agent to send you a mail announcing that how your magic numbers turned out in the draw.
  • Note: Make sure you buy the tickets at least three hours before the draw happens.
  • Once the draws are over, La Primitiva will announce the prize breakdown and the lottery agent on which you had made the account will send you the results.
  • Your earnings will be loaded into your account in the website after it verifies your ticket and lucky numbers.
  • Withdraw your winnings from the ‘My Wallet’ option on the site.


Q: Who can take part in La Primitiva Lottery?

A: Are you above 18 years with a decent internet connection? Then you can buy La Primitiva lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. You have to have a bank account and necessary proof of identity to complete the formalities. Check with the rules and regulations on playing the lottery in your country before playing.

Q: How much does a La Primitiva ticket cost?

A: A La Primitiva ticket costs approximately from INR (77) EUR 1 to INR 467 (EUR 6), depending on the online seller. You can buy the tickets by visiting and selecting the lottery using a secure payment gateway.

Q: What is the biggest La Primitiva Jackpot?

A: The biggest La Primitiva jackpot ever won was INR 7,92,81,25,200. (seven hundred and ninety-two crore – Yes. Seriously!) The prize was won in October 2015.

Q: What are my chances of winning?

A: The overall probability of winning a La Primitiva prize is 1 out of 8.43.

Q: Are there any numbers better than the others?

A: From what I have been advised, over 70 per cent of the winnings in 6/49 games are from the combinations of odd-even numbers like 2-4, 3-3 or 4-2. That said, it all depends on how you read from the frequently drawn numbers of the previous draws. Make a point to choose numbers after studying the possibilities.

Q: When are the La Primitiva draw?

A: La Primitiva draw happens twice every week at 1.00 am IST. The results of the draw will be updated on the online agent website on which you have registered.

Q: How can I be sure I will receive my price?

A: Your earnings from La Primitiva draws will be loaded into your account the website from which you bought the tickets. Make sure that the online agent, as well as the payment gateway, uses the secure https protocol. Usually, earnings under INR 1,73,810 will be transferred to you account. If your winnings are over INR 1,73,810, you should contact the support team of the online agent.