Guide to Playing Poland Lotto

Poland Lotto is the number one lottery in, you guessed it, Poland. I am here today to tell you all you need to know about this, now international, lottery.

In this guide, I will teach you how to play and how you can access it through numerous online lottery agents that accept Indian players.

I have personally won quite a few rupees with this online lottery.

It may seem another (slightly colder!) world away, but you too can play the Poland Lotto from your home in India.

What started as a game for just the Polish, is now readily available for us all, from Indira Col to Kanyakumari!

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What is the Poland Lotto?

banner of the polish lotto

Now, this is a lottery with an impressive history. Since 1957, Poland Lotto has been making many lucky players crorepatis.

Originally it was called “TotoLotek” until it was changed in 1975 to Duży Lotek. It was not until October 2009 when it changed to its present name, Polish Lotto.

This very popular worldwide lottery has gained a considerable following, as the cost per ticket is just 1 euro.

On top of this, it is also super easy to play and gives out high prizes. What more could you want? By many, it is considered one of the best and most underrated lotteries globally.

You will be glad to hear that unlike many local lotteries you don’t need to worry about restrictions since the Polish Lotto is one of many international online lotto games.

It can be played from whichever state you are reading from.

The lottery is a 6/49 game. As the name suggests, players must choose 6 main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 49.

Draws are held three times a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 22.15 GMT, that is 03.45 IST Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The Jackpot

Of course, it’s only natural to have your eyes on the top prize. Matching all 6 of the numbers means you win the jackpot while matching less entitles you to secondary prizes.

The good news is that this lottery jackpot has a rollover prize, meaning there’s potentially no limit to its size.

The jackpot starts from zł2 million (3,7 crores) and the lottery prize will continue to move to the next draw until there is a winner.

winner of the polish lotto

The highest jackpot of zł 57.8 million (106 crores!) was won in May 2016. The lucky ticket was purchased at a local lotto office in Skrzyszów (Poland).

Now with international lotteries, the next big Poland Lotto winner could even come from India. The question is, will it be you?

The Payout

All prizes are paid out in cash—also known as a lump sum. Compared to the most popular international lottery in India, Powerball, then it’s even better.

Powerball winners have to get paid out over 30 years to get the full jackpot amount.

It’s also worth mentioning a  good chunk of the funding raised through Poland Lotto ticket sales goes to Poland’s Ministry of Sport.

In fact, almost all sports facilities within Poland have been built or renovated with the help of the Poland Lotto funds.

In 2003, the Poland Lottery added the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage as its beneficiaries.

Funds from lottery ticket sales also help support artistic and cultural events in the country as well as build Children’s health centres.

Can I buy a Poland Lotto ticket in India?

To start playing the lottery you will have to find reputable international lottery website that accepts Indian players.

Speaking from first-hand experience, I know this can be a tricky feat. To help you I have thoroughly reviewed more than 50 different lottery websites.

Rest assured, these are all online lotteries that I recommend, so how do you decide? Well, each agent varies in its offerings, some have stronger areas than others.

There are some lottery websites that are better for you depending on what you are looking for. Let me explain a few differences, so you can see what to be on the lookout for.

  • Welcome offers – Some lottery websites have some great promotions, and it could be a welcome offer, exclusive bonuses or discounted tickets. I know I for one, love to get more for my money.
  • Mobile options – It goes without saying, these days playing lotteries on your mobile is convenient for many. That said, some are better than others, and some even have dedicated lottery apps.
  • Reliable Customer support – As with any new game, it’s commonplace to have plenty of questions. Check the customer support options of any new site, as well as the hours it is available.

So take a look at one of my many trustworthy lottery reviews and so if you find one (or more) in your taste!

How do I play Poland Lotto online?

This international lottery allows players to win in a total of four prize tiers, where the minimum requirement to win a prize is matching 3 numbers.

It is a tri-weekly lottery, that means you get the chance to win three times a week!

So, how do you get yourself a ticket? Let me explain:

  1. Sign up and make an account at one of my recommended sites.
  2. Choose your lucky six numbers.
  3. Select which draw you would like to play, once a week or all three?
  4. Wait for the draw to be held.
  5. Win the jackpot and decide how you will splash the cash!

Okay, so the last step might seem like a huge hurdle, but someone has to win!

But why not also consider a Polish Lotto subscription? Subscriptions remove the hassle of manually buying tickets each time and the fear of missing out on a big win.

Subscriptions allow you to set up a running bet or bets on a given lottery draw.

The subscription is open-ended and will run for as long as you want it too. You can opt-out at any time.


🏵 How much does a Poland Lotto ticket cost?

Each ticket is 1 euro (approx. 80 Rs)

🏵 What is the biggest Poland Lotto Jackpot?

The highest jackpot so far is zł 57.8 million (106 crores!)

🏵 What are my chances of winning?

Here are the odds of winning Poland Lotto:

  • Jackpot, match 6: 1:13,983,816
  • 2 Prize, match 5: 1:54,201
  • 3 Prize, match 4: 1:1,032
  • 4 Prize, match 3: 1:57

🏵 Are there any numbers better than the others?

Every number has an equal chance of being picked. Yet some people argue that there are numbers that might be better such as hot or cold ones.

🏵 When is the Poland Lotto draw?

The draw occurs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening, at 22:15 GMT.

🏵 What are the rules?

You must be 18 or over and have a valid proof of identity and address to be able to play the polish lotto from India.

🏵 How can I be sure I will receive my price?

All the lottery websites I have listed here are guaranteed to payout your winnings. It does not matter if they are lottery agents or lottery bookkeepers. They all have impeccable payout records and are insured to make sure no matter how big your win is it will be paid to you.