Guide to playing Sikkim State Lottery

It is no secret that playing the Sikkim State Lottery is one of the favourite pastimes of citizens of the state. And how could it not be, when lottery draws are available every single day in Sikkim?

But, while some Indian state lotteries focus on providing lotto players with daily draws which deliver decent top prizes, others organize Bumper draws which deliver really life-changing rewards.

The Sikkim lottery falls in the category of those that provide players with both. You get the Dear Morning daily draws, as well as excellent Bumper draws held several times throughout the year.

Sadly you cannot play the Sikkim State lottery online.

You can learn more about them by visiting Sikkim websites that offer information on the draws, or you can, as always, go through my rigorous review to learn the essential things about the lottery.

Due to the Coronavirus the Sikkim State Lottery has paused all games. You can not play the Sikkim State Lottery during the lockdown.

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What is the Sikkim lottery?

The first Lottery Scheme in Sikkim was introduced in 1978, by the Government of the State. It went through some changes in terms of the ticket price, agents and sales, but it was always and still is run by the Government.

In fact, the changes in schemes still persist, and the Sikkim government timely announces them with short notice.

And while the Dear Morning daily draws are allowed by law, the Bumper draws are restricted to a maximum of 6 per year.

a Dear super skkim state lottery ticket

For instance, in 2019, the Diwali Puja, Shri Holi, Baisakhi, Saraswati and Sankranti Bumper draws took place. The Dear New Year Bumper 2020 was the first one scheduled for the next year.

But the daily draws take place at 11:55 am every day. The top prize in these draws goes anywhere from 25.25 lakhs to 50 lakhs. The Bumper draws, though, can deliver anywhere from 1 to 5 crore!

The Jackpot

The jackpot prize for the Shri Holi Bumper, which takes place in March, is 1 crore. The one for the Saraswati Bumper, which is held in February, is 1.25 crore.

The Baisakhi Bumper that takes place in April gives a top prize of 1.50 crore. The Sankranti Bumper, held in January, gives a jackpot prize of 2 crores.

The Diwali Bumper is the most rewarding one of all. The draw is held in November, and the luckiest 1st place winner takes home 5 crore prize! That’s the highest Sikkim lottery jackpot you can win!

To check if you have all you need to do is visit the Sikkim lottery website. You can find the latest Sikkim State lottery result on the front page.

Sikkim state lottery result page

The Payout

Should you win a Sikkim State lottery jackpot prize on any of these draws or a prize that’s above Rs 10,000, you would need to claim it from the Sikkim Directorate of State Lotteries.

You are advised to fill in your name, address and signature on the back of your ticket so that in case you lose it, the ownership can be determined. This prevents someone from claiming your prize instead of you.

When you go to the Director of State Lotteries to claim your prize, you need to bring the winning ticket, as well as documents that would verify your identity and win. Claiming your win is often very time consuming since you need to go to the Director and provide all the right documentation.

Can I buy Sikkim lottery tickets in India?

Contrary to top international lotteries accepting Indian players, where you can buy a ticket for a lottery draw online, to buy tickets for the Sikkim State lottery, you would need to find an authorised lottery retailer.

The tickets for the Sikkim lotteries are available in many places across the country, so if you want to buy some, you would need to go out and find the nearest retailer. Keep in mind that Indian state lotteries have a problem with fake tickets!

You want to play online? Well, then you will need to play international lotteries! Worldwide lottos do not only have bigger jackpots but you can also play from wherever you want. You can buy tickets in a matter of seconds and claim your wins hassle-free.

Online Alternatives

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How do I play Sikkim lottery online?

Sadly, as you know, this is not possible. But fear not you also learned that there are plenty of great alternatives online. You can try out any of the international lottos featured here.

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As you can see, you can still enjoy plenty of lottery games online from India.


🏵 How much does a Sikkim State Lottery ticket cost?

The ticket for the Dear Morning daily draws cost Rs 6, but the tickets for the Bumper draws vary. Some cost Rs 100 and others Rs 200. The Sankranti Bumper Rs 500 and the Diwali Bumper tickets can cost anywhere around Rs 2,000.

🏵 What is the biggest Sikkim State Lottery Jackpot?

The draw that offers the biggest Sikkim lottery jackpot is the Diwali Bumper. The winner of this draw can scoop up to 5 crores!

🏵 What are my chances of winning?

As with any other lottery, the chances of winning a Sikkim lottery prize depend on your luck alone.

🏵 Are there any numbers better than the others?

If you go through previous results of a specific draw, you may find numbers that are drawn more frequently than others. You can consider writing those numbers on your next tickets.

🏵 When is the Sikkim Lottery draw?

The daily draws take place at 11:55 every day. The Bumper draws are held in January, February, March, April and November, but you need to keep track of the info shared by the State Lottery on the details about the exact date and time of the draws.

🏵 What are the rules?

You need to buy your tickets for the draws at an official retailer, write your name, address and signature on the back of the ticket, and if you win, bring the ticket with you along with the required documents and claim your prize from the Directorate of State Lotteries.

🏵 How can I be sure I will receive my price?

If you have all the required documents, and you verify that the winning ticket is yours, the Directorate of State Lotteries will deliver your prize, without a doubt.