Government Lotteries Troubled by Coronavirus Lockdown

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Ramesh Apte

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Updated 30/03/2020

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Coronavirus Lockdown Affects Government Lotteries

The Coronavirus lockdown in India has caused extreme changes in most business sectors and government lotteries have not been spared.

Since the lockdown took place on March 25th ticket sales have decreased immensely since most people can’t reach the vendors.

Several states have decided to postpone their lottery draws until the 21-day lockdown is lifted.

The states that have yet to announce any changes are expected to follow the current trend and postpone future draws until further notice.

Even though online lotteries available in India have been unaffected it has been a lot tougher on government lotteries that depend on paper tickets sales.

This article will be constantly updated with the latest news regarding government lotteries in this ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Kerala State Lottery

The Kerala state lottery has long been the leader among Indian government lotteries and as such, they were first to announce a suspension on lottery sales and draws.

Government officials in Kerala were quick to postpone the sales of tickets, even before the lockdown was in place.

The Kerala state lottery draws will be postponed at least until the 31st of March but are expected to be moved once again since the lockdown is set until the 15th of April.

Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim state lottery officials followed Kerala’s decision to stop draws and the sale of tickets as well.

There has not yet been an official time limit but it is expected to be cancelled until the 15th of April.

Sale of tickets will most likely start shortly after the curfews and movement restrictions have been lifted.

Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland state lottery draws were cancelled from the 23rd of March until further notice.

This was a precautionary cancellation in line with the ones of both Kerala and Sikkim.

It is both a consequence of the decrease in sales and a way of trying to keep citizens of the state at home.

Mizoram State Lottery

Mizoram state lottery is also cancelled from the 23rd of March until further notice.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only cancelled the regular draws but the Rajshree bumper draws have been postponed as well.

Unaffected States

As of now, there are many states that have yet to take action. The following states lotteries are functioning normally:

  • Punjab Lottery
  • Arunachal Lottery
  • Goa Lottery
  • Assam Bodoland Lottery
  • West Bengal State Lottery

Since all these states are in full lockdown you can expect some changes coming soon.

Online Lotteries Still Available

The only positive thing in these tough times is that lotteries on the internet have been almost completely unaffected.

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