Heartbroken Indian Wins Mega Millions Jackpot!

Mega Millions winner from india

Indian lotto player becomes a crorepati after getting dumped

An Indian from Massachusetts wins a $30.5 million jackpot playing Mega Millions, days after being dumped by his girlfriend. Talk about luck, right?

A “Consolation” Prize of $30.5 Million!

Sandeep Singh, an Indian American lotto player who goes by the nickname “Sunny”, was left heartbroken by his girlfriend who dumped him mere days before a life-changing experience happened to him. 

Namely, the 22-year-old Sunny was working two jobs to help his family make ends meet won $4 on a scratch-off Lotto card. He then used the money to purchase 4 Mega Millions tickets and left his sister pick the numbers on the tickets. 

After the winning numbers were announced on Tuesday, it was clear that Sunny and a winner from Fresno, California won an equal share of a $61 million jackpot prize. 

Sunny went into his sister’s room to read the winning numbers on the computer. When he realized that he had won, he dropped the ticket and didn’t know what to do. He said it took a while for reality to kick in. 

The young man admitted that he was constantly telling his family that one day he’ll eventually win, but they never believed him. He was actually playing Mega Millions and Powerball for about a year, and it finally happened for him.

Plans on Spending the Money

As one of Indias most famous lottery winners, Sunny said he was hoping that the girl he was seeing won’t come asking him to get back together, now that he was a multimillionaire. 

He said that he was planning to donate some of the money to charity, but paying his mom’s house off was the primary thing he would do. And then, he said that he hoped to use some of the money to get a bachelor’s degree in business.

All in all, a good ending to this story of heartbreak!

Mega Millions is just one of the many online lottery games you can play from India!