How does an online lottery work?

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Updated 11/10/2019

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Online lotteries explained

First of all, to explain how an online lottery works I feel I have to explain what an online lottery is. The most simple explanation would be:

An online lottery is any lottery game that can be played by buying an online lottery ticket.

So now that we have that out the way let’s take a look at how it works.

Origin of Online lotteries

The first online lotteries didn’t become online lotteries by choice but it was created by smart entrepreneurs. Let me use Powerball, the online lottery with the highest jackpot in the world, as an example.

It started as a state lottery in the USA only allowing citizens of certain states to play. With growing popularity within the states and outside, the lottery decided to get rid of their regulations regarding citizenship. this way both citizens of other states and tourists could begin taking part in this immensely popular lottery.

This is also where smart entrepreneurs came into the picture. They realized that they could sell tickets to people worldwide through the internet by purchasing physical tickets on the customers’ behalf.

This happened all over the world around the same time. For example, there were also entrepreneurs with similar ideas but with European lotteries like the UK lottery.

So to put it simply, most of the time when you play online lotteries you do it through a supplier and not the lottery itself. Nonetheless, your participation is legitimate I will explain in detail below.

How can you buy online lottery tickets?

I can understand that it might feel weird to not have a physical ticket compared to having a digital one. When playing online lotteries you will always have a legitimate ticket even though the purchase is made online. Let me explain.

There are three ways online lotteries can work. They can either work as:

  • Lotto agents
  • Lottery resellers
  • Lotto bookmakers

Lotto Agents

When you buy an online lottery ticket from a lottery agent they will go out and buy a physical ticket for you. Due to gambling regulations, this is the most common way to join online lotteries.

Most online lotteries started out as national or state lotteries but they skipped the rule that you need to be a citizen of said nation or state.

What they kept was the fact that you need to buy a physical ticket in the nation or state.

So essentially a lottery agent goes out and buys a real ticket for you, scans the ticket and sends over ownership and the scanned ticket to you.

Smaller wins are paid to your account instantly. Jackpots, however, usually need to be picked up by you in person.

Examples of lottery agents are:

Lotto Resellers

Lottery resellers sell you official lottery tickets in digital form straight away. This is less common since many online lotteries still have the requirement that a physical ticket needs to be bought face to face.

An example of an online lotto reseller is the Playwin lottery. Your jackpot wins are paid out instantly to your account.

Lotto Bookmakers

The last way you can purchase online lottery tickets safely is through lottery bookmakers. These are also quite uncommon.

Essentially it works like exactly like lottery agents or resellers but instead of taking part in the official lottery you make a bet on the result.

The bet is exactly like a regular lottery ticket the only difference being if you win the payout won’t come from the official lottery but from the lotto bookmaker.

Lottery jackpots need to be collected by you personally but smaller wins are paid out instantly.

An example of a lottery bookmaker is Lottoland.

Take your chance to win an online lottery

Lotto agents are the whole reason that Indian players have a chance to participate in international lotteries. Not all countries in the world can play so it is a great opportunity. I definitely think you should take advantage of it. As far as I know, our neighboring countries are not accepted as players so now we have a chance to show that India is ready to take part!

The whole reason I started Online Lotteries was to provide information to Indian players so they can enjoy the most exciting international lotteries free of worries.

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