Online Lotteries India: How it works

Here at Online Lotteries India we want to be completely transparent with our business model so you understand why you can trust us.

Below you can see a step by step explanation of how our business model works:


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1. We provide lottery reviews, guides and tips.

You get access to all our content that can help you find the best possible lottery site and deals for you.

lottery ticket

2. You decide to start playing.

With the help of the information on our site you decide that you are ready to play and click one of the links to a lottery website. You sign-up, make a deposit and buy tickets.

3. We get paid by the lottery website.

When you buy a ticket we get a commission. The commission is based on how much you like the service of the lottery website.

So as you can see it’s quite simple. We will always look out for you because your best interest is ours as well!

Benefits for Everyone

Online lotteries are extremely exciting to play but can also be quite tricky.

Our main goal is to help you choose wisely regarding lotto games and lottery providers.

By offering the inspiring winner stories, the best lotto game guides and unbiased in-depth lottery site reviews we help you decide where and what you want to play.

So you benefit by being able to make educated decisions, the lottery websites benefit by getting more players and we benefit by getting paid for our dedicated work. Our business model works because everyone can benefit!

To put it simply – when you are happy, we’re happy!