An Indian and a Filipino Win Dh500,000 each on Emirates Loto

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Last updated on 5th March 2021

Published: 03/07/2020

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Dh500,000 Won by Indian and Filipino Expats on Emirates Loto

Emirates Loto, the most popular lotto draw in Dubai, has been delivering excellent prizes to many Indian expats over the years.

On the lotto draw conducted on the 25th of April 2020, it has rewarded a lucky Indian player and a player from the Philippines, residing in Dubai, with a Dh500,000 prize.

They each took their share of the Dh1 million prize, declining to have their identities revealed. The number of total lottery winners who took home a prize in the 04, 16, 18, 23, 24, 41 winning series was 1,900.

This was, however, neither the first nor the only Emirates Loto Indian winner for the month of April. In fact, just a week prior, Mohammed Khaled, an Indian native won a Dh350,000 cash prize.

Privacy Matters

Sometimes, lotto winners who manage to scoop such a massive prize like the Dh500,000 prize won by the two players, wish to stay anonymous and decline to have their identity revealed.

Emirates Loto respects their wishes and, in addition to making sure they benefit from the fairness and accuracy of the entire draw process, it also ensures that the winners get the treatment they deserve.

Even though they were super excited for the win, the Indian and Filipino expats decided to stay away from the spotlight and enjoy the money they’ve won as it pleases them.

Other Lotteries with Indian Winners

Emirates Loto is a fully digital collectable scheme, which means it is a great option for Indian players to participate in since you can buy your tickets online.

But, there are plenty of other lotto draws you can participate in, which have proven to be really rewarding for Indian players in the past.

All you have to do is look them up, and find the one that suits you most. Explore their draws history, and see how many Indian players have won exquisite prizes playing them.

And who knows? Maybe the next time we’re writing a winner’s story it would be the story about you! Make sure you buy your tickets online and luck will strike before you know it!

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