Jackpot Winner Opens Education Trust Fund in India

Krishna Barri wins florida lotto jackpot
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Published: 04/02/2020

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Lottery Jackpot Winner’s Kindness

A reoccurring theme throughout lottery jackpot winner stories is the fact that kindness pays off. Lottery winners have told amazing stories about how large and small acts of kindness have allowed them to win extraordinary prizes.

Like the 1,5 billion mega millions lottery jackpot winner that let another person in a hurry pass them in line and purchase a ticket before them.

If she had not let the other person pass before her she would never have won the life-changing jackpot.

An Indian man who won $14.5 million on the Florida Lotto decided to do a very nice gesture after he won rather than before.

Winning Numbers

The lottery jackpot winner, Krishna Barri, explains that he plays the lottery every now and then and plays a handful of tickets.

He had won before but nothing close to a jackpot. For the drawing on December 1, 2018, he decided to buy ten tickets, one of which rewarded him the grand prize.

He chose his numbers at random and explained that they didn’t have any meaning to him before but they did now.

“21-30-39-44-45-46. I won’t forget those numbers anymore” Barri explained when asked about his lotto numbers.

Krishna Barri came to the United States of America 20 years ago to study at the University of South Florida, Tampa thanks to financial support from his brother-in-law.

He wants to repay the kindness of his brother-in-law by creating an education trust fund in his honour.

Even though his brother-in-law passed away the trust fund will be his name so he can keep on helping in the same way he helped Krishna.

“I came to Florida to do my masters. I struggled. I did part-time jobs. I worked for a bookstore. I worked at the Sun Dome, standing in the parking lot for 12 hours working for $6.25.” Krishna explains how even though he worked hard his education would not have been possible without his brother-in-law.

The fund is meant to provide an education for at least 100 people in India.

Plans For The Future

With a $14.5 million jackpot on your bank account, you could easily stop working but Barri kept his job as an IT business partner. “I said the dollar that I bought the ticket came from that job. I have to respect that.”

Even though a significant part of the jackpot will go the educational fund there is still a lot remaining of the money.

He plans to buy a new house and cars for himself and his wife. Furthermore, he will make sure that his children get a great education as well, setting aside a big part for their colleges in the future.

Where to play

Krishna Barri bought his lottery ticket through the Florida lottery since he is a resident of the state but you can play the same lotteries as he does in the US.

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