A Kerala Labourer Wins New Year Bumper Jackpot 2020

kerala new year bumper lottery winner
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Last updated on 19th November 2021

Published: 23/04/2020

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Rs 12 Crore Won by a Kerala Labourer on the New Year Bumper Draw

Rajan Perunnon, a daily-wage labourer from the tribal community in Kannur, bought the winning ticket Kerala New Year Bumper from a vendor in Koothuparambu.

He was buying state lottery tickets every single day in expectation that he would somehow be lucky enough to win big.

He said, “There have been many occasions where I have missed out very closely. Recently, I missed out on a Rs 50,000 prize. The series number of my ticket was very close to the winning ticket.”

The New Year Bumper winner, however, was on a verge of losing his home when he won the magnificent Rs 12 crore jackpot prize. He had taken a loan to build his home, and pay for his older daughter’s wedding.

Since he couldn’t repay the loan, his house was mortgaged. Therefore his Kerala lottery jackpot-winning ticket with number ST 269609 brought immense happiness in his home.

“I had bought the lottery ticket the same day when I had gone to the bank to talk about the loan. I told them that I was looking for a fresh loan from another bank and to ask for more time.”

“They (Bank officials) told me to repay the existing loan quickly. Mercifully, the ticket I took has won,” Perunnon said.

The Kerala lottery draw, held on the 10th of February, 2020, brought Perunnon his faith back, considering such an incredible thing happened right after he received such news from the bank.

“I believe in God. That’s all I have,” said Perunnon.

Believe that Something Great Will Happen to You and It Will

The New Year Bumper draw really changed Rajan Perunnon’s life. He, a daily-wage labourer, and his wife Rajani, a temporary staff member at an Anganwadi, were barely making ends meet when they heard the news.

new year bumper lottery winner 2020 with family
Rajan Perunnon with his family

Rajan and Rajani have a son and two daughters. His son Vigil also works with him on the agricultural land, one of his daughters Athira is married, while the other one Akshara is currently in class 12.

When asked how he wants to spend his prize money, he said he would first pay his debt, and then expand his home. He would then continue by giving proper education to his younger daughter.

Accompanied by his family, Perunnon went to the local cooperative bank to formally hand over the winning ticket and kick-start the process of disbursal, getting his life back on track again.

Other Lotteries with Indian Winners

The sweetest thing happened to Perunnon, there’s no doubt in that. The New Year Bumper proves that Indian lotteries can also change people’s lives for the better.

However, Indian lotteries are not all you have at your disposal in terms of draws to participate in. In fact, you have so many online lotteries where you can legally purchase a ticket, and participate in.

There are numerous international games for the online lottery in India that allow people from all around the world to participate in the draws, Indian players included.

And not only are they allowed to play but there have also been plenty of international lottery winners from India.

So, if Indian lotteries have not proven lucky for you, why don’t you try out international lotteries?

Maybe the next millionaire is you!

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