Lottery Laws in Andhra Pradesh

Lotteries are very popular in Andhra Pradesh but the latest trend is Andhra Pradesh online lottery games.

On this page you can find information on legal Andhra Pradesh online lottery sites and the lottery laws of the state.

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Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in India that legally allows lotteries but has strict anti-gambling legislation.

As clearly stated in the Andhra Pradesh Lotteries Act 1968, and then confirmed with the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act, only lotteries, rummy and horse betting are allowed into the country.

While you can play the state-owned legal lottery in Visakhapatnam, you cannot participate in lotteries that are conducted by private organizers. If you do, both you and the organizer would be punished by law.

Therefore, players who purchase tickets via authorized resellers cannot be punished and they can enjoy legal lottery in Andhra Pradesh, playing their lucky numbers in the regular draws.

The Lottery Laws of Andhra Pradesh

The state has been running the state-owned lottery ever since the Andhra Pradesh Lotteries Act 1968 was passed.

At first, only one or two draws were held each year, but by 2006, the number of draws held was 2,698. People from the state love playing the lottery, and the state is satisfied with the revenue.

The same Andhra Pradesh Lotteries Act 1968 prohibits private-owned and operated draws, so if you were to purchase a ticket, you must do it from the state-owned lottery. Or do you?

The truth is, you have another way to diversify your lotto experience. You can also play online lottery, those which are owned by companies that are not based in India.

If you live in Andra Pradesh you’re lucky since you can both enjoy the government lottery games and online lotteries unlike states like Bihar and Haryana where they can only play online lotto.

Even though there’s no legal online lottery in Andhra Pradesh, but, if you want to try out something new, something else, something you’ve never played before, you can play international lotto games.

The thing is, due to the loophole of archaic lotto laws in the country, players in Andhra Pradesh are absolutely free to participate in online lotteries, as they are not covered in the law, not even banned.

You can legally participate in international lotto draws, having no worry on your mind about any legal issues.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Andhra Pradesh?

You can buy a legal lottery ticket in Andhra Pradesh for online lotteries in a few simple steps. The first step, of course, would be finding an international lotto site to join.

My favourite is below:

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Take a look at our lotto reviews, find one you like and join it. The next step would be finding the right game for you. The choice is huge, so choose wisely. Then, you need to choose your numbers.

If you don’t have lucky numbers, via a Random Number Generator, the system will randomly choose numbers for you. The final step is paying for the ticket. The next thing you know, your ticket is in the draw!

Andhra Pradesh Lottery Games

Powerball, Mega Millions, La Primitiva and EuroMillions are just some of the online lottery games in Andhra Pradesh that you can try out.

These are all international lotteries held throughout Europe and the US, so you can rest assured you are allowed to play them, as they are outside of India.

These are all games that can deliver some out-of-this-world prizes. They have already made many Indian players richer than before, so if you want to be the next Indian winner, make sure to take part!a