Lottery Laws in Assam

There are many lottery games available in Assam but which are really legal?

In this guide you can find legal Assam online lottery games, information on the latest Assam lottery laws and some helpful tips!

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Assam is one of the 13 states in India with legal lotteries. Players can participate in a legal lottery in Guwahati and in any other city in the state, as long as they’re abiding by the rules.

The state has regulated lotteries properly and has been updating the laws and rules regularly, to keep up with the trends.

Not only can players participate in a legal lottery in Assam, but they have access to draw results on the internet. Therefore, players are given complete freedom to really enjoy the activity.

The Lottery Laws of Assam

As explained, Assam takes lotteries pretty seriously. The state has used its right to legalize it and has been duly regulating it for years.

The Assam State Lottery Rules were introduced in 1969 and the Department of State Lotteries in Guwahati was set. In 1973, The Assam State Lottery Distribution of Net Profit rules were implemented.

The last improvement of the laws was done in 1994, to the Assam State Lottery Rules, and that’s about it. Since then, there have been no changes to the laws that allow lotteries all across the state of Assam.

Now, even though Assam has been updating the rules for lotteries, it hasn’t really tackled the online lotteries when they appeared on the internet.

Therefore, there is no legal online lottery in Assam. That is, no rules for online lotteries exist in its laws. But, considering the loophole in the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998, you can still take part in online lotto draws.

The thing is, the Act is pretty outdated and mentions no ban on online lotteries. Therefore, if you participate in a draw based outside of India, you can enjoy the online lotto experience.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Assam?

As long as you find an international online lotto site, a site that is based in any country other than India, you can buy a legal online lottery ticket in Assam.

Playing on any site outside of India, you will be able to purchase a ticket and participate in the draw and be eligible to win a prize. The steps for purchasing the ticket are rather straightforward.

Create an account with the site, and find the ticket field on its homepage. Pick your lucky numbers or use the tool to randomly generate them, and make a deposit.

That way your ticket will be purchased and put into the draw. Wait for the draw to end, and check out the results. With some luck, you will win one of the many prizes, depending on the game you’re playing.

Assam Lottery Games

When playing at international online lottery sites, you won’t be able to play the Assam lotteries, but you will be able to enjoy lotteries based all across the world.

You can enjoy the European EuroJackpot, the Irish Lotto, the German Lotto 6 AUS 49, the Spanish Gordo De La Primitiva and the most popular US draws, Powerball and Mega Millions, among others.

You have access to all of these online lottery games in Assam, so start playing them to be in for the big wins. Get the chance to claim a multimillion-dollar prize, you know!

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