Lottery Laws in Bihar

Lottery is very popular in the state but the latest craze is Bihar online lottery because of its many big winners!

On this page you can find legal online lottery site available in Bihar, information on the latest lottery laws and helpful tips.

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Even though the laws for lotteries in India are pretty loose and states are allowed to decide whether they’d want them to be legal or not, there is no legal lottery in Bihar.

The state decided to ban lotteries, so you won’t find legal lottery in Patna or any other city within its borders.

The activity is completely forbidden and those who try to conduct lotteries illegally or participate in them are duly punished.

The Bihar Ban on Lottery Act 1993 explains why the state has such a stance and how penalized players are for participating in illegal lotteries.

The Lottery Laws of Bihar

As mentioned, the law that forbids lotteries in the state is the Bihar Ban on Lottery Act 1993, signed by the Governor of Bihar on the 19th of August, 1993.

The rules are simple. A lottery is a scheme for distribution of prizes to players participating in the chances by purchasing a ticket. Promoters of a lottery are the organizers or any people who conduct the draws.

Notwithstanding any agreement with any person, no one shall be permitted to conduct lotteries or be promoters and distribute lottery tickets in the territory of Bihar, and no players can purchase tickets.

The penalty for those who break the law, either in the position of a promoter or a player, would be rigorous imprisonment for a term of two years, a ten thousand rupees fine or both.

Bihar is stricter than most states and the lottery laws of Assam for example are more lenient.

There’s no real law in Bihar, or India for that matter, which explicitly says online lotteries are forbidden. Therefore, if you’re interested, you can actually participate in a legal online lottery in Bihar.

You could explore international online lottery sites to find one that you would like to join, and you can enjoy all the lottery games that you like.

The fact that land-based lotteries in some states are banned, Bihar included, gives you the freedom to enjoy an online lottery without being subject to fines or punishments.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Bihar?

You can purchase a legal lottery ticket in Bihar if you visit one of the previously mentioned international lotto sites. These sites accept players from all across the globe, India included.

My favourite is the one below:

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Considering the laws in India do not mention online lotteries, you can participate in online lotteries without fearing about getting prosecuted for it.

So, to purchase your online ticket, join an international online lotto site and find a game you’d like to play. Open a ticket, and select your numbers. Purchase your ticket via the payment methods offered and that’s it.

Follow these steps and your ticket will be in for the next scheduled lotto draw. Check the results on the international lotto site, and see whether you’re the big winner!

Bihar Lottery Games

You can play all kinds of online lottery games in Bihar, thanks to the international lotto sites. These sites not only accept players from all across the globe but also offer draws from many countries in the world.

You can enjoy the Italian SuperEnalotto, the American Mega Millions and Powerball, the Spanish La Primitiva, or the biggest European lotto, EuroMillions.

Just purchase your ticket as explained above, and wait for the draw results. Check them out and see whether you’re the one that has hit the massive jackpot prize!

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