Online Lottery In Chhattisgarh

More and more Indian players have started playing the online lottery in India and Chhattisgarh is no exception.

On this page, you can find out everything you need to know about the online lottery in Chattisgarh and how to play and win safely!

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We need to make one thing clear from the start – there is no Government-run legal lottery in Chhattisgarh. Many states hold their own draws to finance the treasury but not Chhattisgarh.

If we want to play an online legal lottery in Raipur, we need to choose daily draws or bumper lotteries outside the State. Even the national Playwin Lottery is not licensed in Chhattisgarh, although available in many other territories.

Many lotteries are legally run by other state governments (like Sikkim) but authorities in Chhattisgarh do not allow any Indian state lotteries, private or public.

Other games of chance are also not regulated or legal in Chhattisgarh. Players need to look offshore for solutions.

The Lottery Laws of Chhattisgarh

The only gambling law which deals with the matter is the Central Government Act of 1998. It is called the Lotteries (Regulation) Act and says that any State Government may choose to organise and promote its own legal lottery.

Chhattisgarh has chosen not to run its official numbers game and has never approved other Indian lotto games which are legal in other states.

Fortunately, there is no national or federal blanket ban on lotteries or online drawings. The Supreme Court of India has made an important decision in 2015. It says that playing the lottery is not a basic human right. That is why the Court cannot force State governments to permit legal lotto games. But it did not tell them to outlaw specific offline and online games of fortune.

The Lotteries Regulation Act of 1998 is very old before the Internet became so important for our everyday lives. The Law does not apply to online lotteries based outside India and does not speak of them as illegal.

Any legal online lottery in Chhattisgarh has to be accessed on offshore websites, where it is regulated by foreign laws. You can take part in online drawings available Worldwide. They give access to games and jackpots which are not specifically addressed by the Chhattisgarh government.

Indian online lottery draws are formally legal in 13 Indian states. Trustworthy international draws are available over the internet. The States have no authority to control them because they are outside their local jurisdiction.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Chhattisgarh

Based on the above, buying a legal lottery ticket in Chhattisgarh may seem complicated but it is not. One option is to cross the border with nearby Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra – or even travel 200 kilometres to West Bengal where lotto draws are approved.

Another option is to find an online lottery ticket agent in Chhattisgarh. You may find some machine dealers or dedicated computer terminals, although we are not sure how legitimate they are.

There are quite a few private Indian lotteries that you can find online as well. They are not regulated and not recognised by Chhattisgarh. And although they are run over the internet, you always risk some fraud or not being able to withdraw your winnings.

The best bet is to look for legitimate and reliable international lottery websites. They sell legal lottery tickets online for Indian residents.

Chhattisgarh Lottery Games

In the end, online lottery games in Chhattisgarh are available anywhere in the world where you have the Internet. Desi players or foreigners, from a mobile phone or computer, all can try the top lotto schemes online.

The most popular lottery sites in India remain, probably, Powerball or Mega Millions. EuroMillions is also famous because of the huge jackpots. All these give much bigger prizes than legal online lotteries from other Indian states.

International games of fortune are easy to compare and have a reputation that is enough to deserve our trust. They are regulated in countries that allow such lotteries. All that you need to worry about is paying your income taxes if you win big.