Online Lottery in Goa

Even though Goa is known as the casino state of India, the lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the state!

Online lottery in Goa has exploded lately and more and more players are trying their luck at one of the many lottery sites available in the state.

On this page, you can learn everything you need about the online lottery in Goa and how to play safely and legally.

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Already a popular tourist destination, the legal lottery in Goa makes this state even better for having fun. The government regulated lottery is a decade-long local tradition. In fact, the state authorities use the official lottery revenue for welfare schemes for the poor, schools or old age homes.

The online legal lottery in Vasco da Gama is available with daily and weekly draws. The Dear Shubhlaxmi game of fortune is relatively new, since 2020.

Most Goa residents are familiar with the licenced Rajshree Lottery draws. They are held three times a day and also on a weekly basis. There are five prize levels, from Rs 100 to Rs 20.02 Lakh, and a consolation prize of 1000 rupees.

The Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries (DSSL) oversees the official Goa lottery schemes. Occasionally, it holds Bumper lottery draws for big holidays and festivals such as Diwali or Holi. Bumper lottery prizes can be as high as ₹ 5 crores.

The Lottery Laws of Goa

Fortunately, Goa has always been one of the thirteen States which allow legal lotteries. The Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 is the main national law that permits states to hold licenced lucky number games.

The Government of Goa has added its own local lottery laws. The Goa Lotteries (Regulation) Rules and the Goa Computerized Network Lottery Rules were both passed in 2003. They help apply the provisions of the 1998 Act in practice.

Not only does Goa run its own legal lottery but it has never outlawed offshore or any other trustworthy online games of chance. Local residents and all Bharat users have always enjoyed these rules.

In 2010 the local Government officially started a legal online lottery in Goa. The authorities appointed a private operator to carry out the internet activities. Today, the lottery results and official schemes are also published in the Official Gazette of Goa and the website of the DSSL.

The official legal online lottery is available to both Goans and outside residents. You can find more information on the internet website of the State Department and the private operator responsible for the local drawings.

More importantly, the existing laws are very permissive. Any lottery games based outside of Goa – or India for that matter – remain attractive and absolutely legitimate for online players.

This is great if you compare it to the lottery in Chhattisgarh or other states where the legality is a bit more questionable.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Goa

To purchase a legal lottery ticket in Goa we have several options. We can contact the approved marketing and sales agent appointed by the authorities. In this case, this is “Summit Online Trade Solutions Private Limited”. We can also buy paper lottery tickets from local distribution points. Tickets cost 10 rupees.

Or we can simply visit some of the most reputable international lottery sites and buy tickets for online draws across India. Since they are not forbidden in Goa, they remain a valid option for locals and foreigners.

You don’t even need to search for the best online lottery sites in India – they are available and reviewed one by one on our site. Buying online tickets from Goa or anywhere else is easy and lawful.

Goa Lottery Games

Now you know that online lottery games in Goa are legal. You can choose from the top online providers of online lottery in India. From your state, you can participate in famous online drawing schemes such as Mega Millions or Euromillions.

You can try the online drawings of the popular Powerball lottery or other user-friendly sites like Lotto247 or LottoSmile India. They are available from anywhere abroad and are a valid way of trying your luck with an internet lottery.