Online Lottery in Goa

Even though Goa is known as the casino state of India, the lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the state!

Online lottery in Goa has exploded lately and more and more players are trying their luck at one of the many lottery sites available in the state.

On this page, you can learn everything you need about the online lottery in Goa and how to play safely and legally.

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How to Play Online Lottery from Goa

Goa has the privilege of being one of the most lenient states in India when it comes to legal gambling. And that includes buying lottery tickets.

You can easily play at an online lottery in Goa, or you can buy tickets to the local state lottery.

Playing the online lottery in Vasco da Gama gives you the added benefit of being able to take part in some of the biggest international lotteries in the world. The same applies if you want to play from anywhere else in the state.

Some of these sites are created with Indian players in mind giving you the chance to use local payment methods and even to play special desi lotto games.

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Goa Online Lottery Tickets

Buying an online lottery ticket in Goa isn’t all that different from buying a paper ticket for the government lottery in India. You can choose your own numbers or use the quick pick option.

There’s another benefit to making an online lottery ticket booking. You can’t lose your ticket as it is electronic.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets from Goa

It only takes a few steps to buy an online lottery ticket in Goa:

  1. Find a lottery site available to players in Goa, you’ll find several recommendations at online lotteries.
  2. Set up a new account and make your first deposit.
  3. Choose your favourite lottery game.
  4. Sit back and wait for the draw.

Online Lottery Games available in Goa

The online lottery games available in Goa are the same games available to lotto players all over the world.

You can opt to play offline by buying lottery tickets from authorized vendors available throughout the state. But you can’t play the official Goa lottery online.

If you play at an online lottery site, you could buy tickets to some of the biggest lottery draws including Mega Millions and EuroJackpot.

Best Online Lottery Games in Goa 2022

LotteryDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
PowerballMonday, Wednesday, Saturday$1 586 400 000
Mega MillionsTuesday, Friday$1 537 000 000
EuroMillionsTuesday, Friday€210 000 000
EuroJackpotFriday€90 000 000
SuperEnaLottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday€ 209 000 000

Goa Lottery Laws

There are lots of ways to play the legal lottery in Goa, both online and in person.

Under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 each state can decide if they want to run their own lottery. Goa is one of the thirteen states that have opted into this choice.

The Goa Lotteries (Regulation) Rules and the Goa Computerized Network Lottery Rules of 2003, both regulate the lotteries at a state level.

The state lottery runs daily, weekly, monthly and special festive draws. Goa is actually the state running the largest number of legal lottery draws in India.

The regulated lottery helps to raise revenue for several welfare schemes. It is run by the Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries.

While the local state lottery can have jackpots reaching over ₹ 5 crores for bumper draws, international lotteries have reached over $1 billion.

Nothing within the state or national laws outlaw players in Goa from buying tickets to online lotteries, so you are free to take a chance without fear of breaking any laws.