Online Lottery in Jharkhand

Online lottery in Jharkhand is more popular than ever!

Players from all over the state are trying out their luck at online lottery games.

On this page, you can learn everything you need about playing lottery online from Jharkhand.

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There is no state-run legal lottery in Jharkhand. In fact, the local government has decided not to approve any Indian lotteries. Even the 13 States which run their own legal lottery draws cannot sell tickets in Jharkhand.

If you want to play the legal lottery in Jamshedpur or Ranchi, you need to find an online lottery site in India but based abroad. Various daily draws and bumper lotteries are available in nearby states but Jharkhand is not one of them.

Finding an Indian online lottery is not difficult. However, in Jharkhand, you have to look for alternatives based offshore.

The Lottery Laws of Jharkhand

Jharkhand follows the Central Government legislation from 1998. The Lotteries (Regulation) Act allows State authorities to regulate lotteries online or offline. Some states even run their own lucky lottery draws.

Jharkhand chose not to have a legitimate State lottery online or offline. It does not even allow or promote lotto games from other desi states and territories.

Fortunately, there is no general ban on lottery draws by the Centre. The Supreme court of India has left the question to the States to decide. And when something is not outlawed specifically, it is available and not illegal.

This is the case with online lotteries based abroad. They are not mentioned in the Lotteries Regulation Act of 1998. The law is decades old and does not speak of online lotto sites.

Jharkhand regulations never made lottery games online explicitly legal. Being able to access offshore game sites is what many desi players like.

As we saw, a legal online lottery in Jharkhand is an online lottery game that is based outside of Bharat. Both National and State laws have very outdated rules which do not regulate foreign lotteries online. Quite similar to the lottery in Chhattisgarh.

It may seem strange but famous Indian lotteries online such as Playwin are not allowed in Jharkhand. State authorities need to regulate and accept them. The laws are clear – desi lotto games are illegal unless approved by each state.

But lottery draws online which are based offshore are outside of Jharkhand jurisdiction. Reputable online lottery sites available in India are getting more attention. You can easily check that from your smartphone and read our online lottery reviews for the different websites.

This is quite different from the lottery in Goa where you can find both legal government lottery games and online lottery.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Jharkhand

State authorities control the sales of legal lottery tickets in Jharkhand. They can also track online lotteries based in India. The police can shut down lottery ticket agents in Jamshedpur, Ranchi or other cities in Jharkhand.

But they cannot touch international lotteries online in India. They have no jurisdiction. The internet is free and the mobile phone is in your hand.

Many desi players have learned how to find international online lottery sites in India. People buy lottery tickets online because the top lotto draws offer fantastic prizes. The large jackpots are much more than any Indian lotteries.

Another option is to go to one of the 13 States in India which have their own legal lottery games. Travelling to neighbouring West Bengal – or 200 kilometres to Sikkim – is always an option to buy a legal lottery ticket from Jharkhand.

Trying to get your hands on such paper tickets from Jharkhand state is not allowed. And buying online lotto tickets for private Indian draws is dangerous and can get you in a scam.

Jharkhand Lottery Games

There are many online lottery games in Jharkhand available legally offshore. Trusted international lotto operators have user-friendly websites and pay huge jackpots.

The best online lotteries available in India are based abroad. They are popular Worldwide and easy to find. Powerball, Mega Millions, Lottoland and Lotto247 are among everyone’s favourites.

Buying tickets for the top world lotteries without travelling or breaking the law is fast and verified. Desi players need to take care of paying taxes when they win. You can also read our reviews of the best international lottery sites online.