Karnataka Online lottery

This is your complete guide to the online lottery in Karnataka.

Find out how to purchase an online lottery ticket from Karnataka, which are the best Karnataka online lottery sites, what are the current lottery laws and more!

Karnataka Online Lottery Sites

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How to Play Online Lottery from Karnataka

Due to recent changes in the local gambling laws of Karnataka, it’s not the easiest state to find legal gambling. Even online.

This has come as a surprise to many, as Karnataka is home to Bengaluru, India’s biggest tech hub.

Luckily the new bill that restricts online gambling in Karnataka doesn’t apply to lotteries. This is also beneficial because Karnataka isn’t one of the 13 states to run a state lottery.

Taking part in an online lottery in Karnataka gives you the chance to buy tickets to enter some of the biggest international lotteries.

Online lottery sites are sometimes focused exclusively on India and accept several localised payments such as Paytm.

Karnataka Online Lottery Tickets

Buying an online lottery ticket in Karnataka is pretty simple. There are several lottery sites available, and several international lotteries to choose from.

You can think of it as an online lottery ticket booking. You’ll buy the lottery ticket from a site, and they’ll then buy tickets on your behalf.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets from Karnataka

Players can sometimes be a little intimidated by buying online lottery tickets. But really it couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Pick a lottery site, we can recommend a few. Look for a site available in Karnataka with a valid licence.
  2. Sign up for the site by creating an account and making a deposit.
  3. Choose your lottery and buy a ticket. Ticket prices vary between sites, but so do the jackpots.
  4. Wait for the draw. Most sites will publish the winning numbers shortly after the draw.

Online Lottery Games available in Karnataka

One of the key benefits of playing online lottery games in Karnataka is the sheer variety of games available.

You’ll be able to play the billionaire makers, like US Powerball and Mega Millions. But also, smaller (and cheaper) lotteries from every part of the world, like the Australian and South African lotteries.

When you buy tickets from Karnataka to lotteries online, you’ll also be able to use varied lottery payment methods.

Best Online Lottery Games in Karnataka 2022

LotteryDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
PowerballWednesday, Saturday$1 586 400 000
Mega MillionsTuesday, Friday$1 537 000 000
EuroMillionsTuesday, Friday€210 000 000
EuroJackpotFriday€90 000 000
SuperEnaLottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday€ 209 000 000

Karnataka Lottery Laws

Gambling in Karnataka is regulated by several laws, both at a state and national level.

Gambling nationwide is regulated by the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was created long before the Internet. And until recently, there was no specific law regulating online gaming.

In September 2021, local legislators decided to implement the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Bill. Under this Bill, most forms of online betting are banned. Being caught could come with the punishment of up to three years imprisonment and a fine of up to ₹1 lakh.

There is a silver lining, though. Betting on horseracing and buying lottery tickets are exempt from these regulations.

Having a legal lottery in Karnataka means that you are free to buy tickets at online lottery sites.

We do suggest that you use one of our recommended sites as they are all safe and duly licensed.

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