Mizoram Online lottery

In Mizoram lottery is legal and there is a state lottery.

You can also play the best online lottery games in the world from Mizoram.

It is completely legal in the state of Mizoram.

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How to Play Online Lottery from Mizoram

Playing the online lottery in Mizoram is very easy. You’ll be able to buy tickets to some of the biggest lotteries in the world.

There is a legal government lottery in Mizoram; it’s such a popular lottery that players from all over India buy tickets to it. The Mizoram lottery is legal in all states where the lottery is legal.

But even the jackpot of such a popular lottery in India can’t compare to the big international lottos. Play online lottery in Aizawl and you could become an instant crorepati.

Mizoram Online Lottery Tickets

Buying an online lottery ticket in Mizoram isn’t really all that different from buying a paper ticket from a vendor.

If anything, it’s better. For one thing, making an online lottery ticket booking means you can’t lose your ticket. It’s also much easier to get your winnings, usually they are automatically and quickly paid out.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets from Mizoram

When you decide to buy an online lottery ticket in Mizoram, you might be pleasantly surprised about how easy the process is.

  1. Use our list of recommended sites and choose your favourite.
  2. Set up an account and make a deposit.
  3. Pick your favourite lottery game available in Mizoram.
  4. Go on with your life, as you wait for the result.

Online Lottery Games available in Mizoram

There is no way to play the local Mizoram lottery online, so it’s great that international lotteries are available online.

There are several benefits to playing online lottery games in Mizoram. But the biggest benefit is without a doubt, the ability to win one of the biggest jackpots in the world.

Best Online Lottery Games in Mizoram 2021

LotteryDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
PowerballMonday, Wednesday, Saturday$1 586 400 000
Mega MillionsTuesday, Friday$1 537 000 000
EuroMillionsTuesday, Friday€210 000 000
EuroJackpotFriday€90 000 000
SuperEnaLottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday€ 209 000 000

Mizoram Lottery Laws

The official legal lottery in Mizoram includes buying and selling state lottery tickets. Based on the Lotteries Act, 1997, each state can decide for themselves if they want to allow a state lottery or not.

Mizoram offers some of the most lenient lottery laws in the country. You can play lottery at local vendors and online at international sites. You can even play the Mizoram state lottery from other states in India.

Outdated laws have paved the way for online lottery sites. Buying tickets on these sites isn’t explicitly allowed or outlawed.

Since there is nothing in the act specifying the purchase of online lottery tickets, you are free to buy tickets from international lottery sites. Just check that they are based outside of India.