Lottery Laws in Nagaland

Nagaland has some of the most liberal lottery laws in India but what are the?

Find all the legal online lotteries available in Nagaland, easy to understand explanations of the current laws and which international lotteries you can play.

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Playing legal lottery in Nagaland is easy and officially verified. Fortunately, Nagaland allows selling legitimate lottery tickets and even runs its own Official lottery sambad.

On top of that you can play online lottery in Nagaland legally as well. Due to outdated laws you are allowed to do so just as long as the lottery is based outside of India.

The Nagaland State Lotteries are organised by the Nagaland government Authorities. The daily number drawings include a Dear Morning, Dear Day and a Dear Evening numbers game. The State government also holds a Dear 100 Monthly draw and several special occasion Bumper legal lotteries in Nagaland – such as Diwali, New Year, Kali Puja or other Jackpot Dear Bumpers.

Taking advantage of the legal lottery in Dimapur is simple and authorised even in other states like Sikkim or West Bengal where Indian legal lottery is sanctioned. An honest way of making a profit, the official Nagaland lottery has five prize levels, starting from 10 rupees and reaching ₹ 1 crore (with a ₹ 1000 consolation prize).

The Lottery Laws of Nagaland

Even better for lottery enthusiasts, there is no formal or official blanket ban on legal lotteries across India. However, since only 13 States allow legitimate chance games, players might have to buy valid paper lottery tickets for drawings from those states or simply play online.

Nagaland is the first territory that approved the lottery legislation making the numbers game State-approved. The Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 (passed by the Government of India) allows both the Centre and State authorities to prohibit “ticket sales and promotion of lotteries” which are lawful in another state or country. Nagaland has not done that, allowing common sense participation in offline and online drawings.

Nagaland is also famous for its regulation on online skill games since 2016, giving virtual gaming licenses. More importantly, neither the State nor the Centre regulations ban explicitly offshore lottery drawings and similar games of chance.

The 1998 Act is really outdated and does not reflect how easy and accessible legal online lottery in Nagaland has become, both from India and abroad. Therefore, Nagaland authorities have enacted the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules of 2010 which list various options for participating in legal online lottery draws in India.

The Official Dear drawings are supervised by the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries in Kohima which announces the lottery schemes and results. Authorities have not created other specific rules and restrictions for legal online lottery in Nagaland when played over the Internet.

Fortunately, this is also true for offshore lotteries and other chance gaming platforms based outside of India. This also makes all other kinds of legal online lottery in Nagaland safe and trustworthy.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Nagaland

Players can easily visit international lottery websites and buy online legal lottery tickets in Nagaland or from other states which allow such lucky games. Playing online on trustworthy websites is not a problem if you live in Nagaland.

You can buy online lottery tickets from Nagaland at our favourite site below.

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The legal lottery ticket in Nagaland is also available for sale in states like Sikkim, Punjab, Maharashtra or West Bengal. Buying physical Nagaland lotto tickets from registered vendors is pretty straightforward, as you can find them in a number of locations in Dimapur or Kohima.

The daily dear drawing tickets cost as little as 6 rupees and can be bought from authorised representatives of the Nagaland government, local area distributors or retailers. Interestingly enough, to claim prizes over INR 10,000 lucky winners have to apply to the Kolkata lottery office.

Nagaland Lottery Games

Now we know that playing online lottery games in Nagaland is safe and reliable. National and State regulations do not prohibit accessing famous offshore internet lottery games. This makes possible accessing hit lotto drawings such as Mega Millions, the mighty Powerball or even the EuroMillions.

The best online lottery games in Nagaland are probably not the state-run drawings but some of the top online lotteries like Multi Lotto or the exciting Lottoland. They can also be reached from other Bharat states or from any other country. Famous online lotteries have become the standard for most smartphone users and testing your luck with a click surely beats the old paper-based legal lottery games.