Lottery Laws of Odisha

There are plenty of lottery games to play in Odisha but which ones are actually legal?

In this guide you can find the best legal online lottery games in Odisha, a clear explanation of the current lottery laws and other helpful tips like how to purchase a ticket online from the state.

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Odisha, formerly Orissa, is one of the states in India that has its own lottery running since 1983 when the Orissa State Lottery Rules were implemented.

The rules state that the lottery is run by the state, and administered by a high-ranking official in the state’s Finance Department, as ex-officio Director of Orissa State Lottery.

Therefore, you can buy tickets for the legal lottery in Bhubaneswar, and in any other city in the state. The legal lottery in Odisha may not be the biggest one, but it is still functioning quite well.

The Lottery Laws of Odisha

In 1955, the Orissa Prevention of Gambling Act 1954 was introduced. The Act listed all forms of gambling that are banned in the state and all the consequences for people involved in illegal gambling.

In 1983, 15 years before the Lottery Regulation Act 1998 was passed, the state passed its own Orissa State Lottery Rules 1983 to regulate the lotteries in the state. This is similar to the lottery laws of Rajasthan.

And while players can access the lottery legally, they do not have the variety they would like to have in terms of game choices. And they do not have the option to win massive prizes.

But there’s another way for the citizens of Odisha to explore new games and grab attractive prizes with international online lotteries.

Considering the laws in Odisha are pretty outdated, archaic even, not one rule defines whether online lotteries are allowed in the state. This is a gap that players can use in their advantage.

There may not be a legal state lottery in Odisha, with rules and laws that regulate it, but playing worldwide lotto games online is not illegal, either.

This gap can be used by players who want to explore a whole new world of lotto games. They can visit international lotto sites and participate in draws which are not based in the state.

This means you can enjoy the same online lottery games as the laws of Manipur allow.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Odisha?

You can actually buy a legal lottery ticket in Odisha to participate in online lottery games. The first thing to do is to explore international lottery sites and join one of your preference.

Go through the lotto games available, choose the one you’d like to take part in and find the ticket field. Fill out the ticket with your favourite numbers, or if you don’t have some, let the machine pick them for you.

Choose a payment method to finish the purchase, and you’ll be in the draw. As easy as that. Your ticket will be in the draw, so all you are left to do is wait for the results to be published on the site.

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Odisha Lottery Games

If you’ve read about online lotto games, you know that there are so many of them that you can participate in. If you haven’t, you should know that these games are life-changing.

You can participate in the international online lottery games in Odisha and win a multimillion-dollar-worth prize. Games like La Primitiva, EuroMillions and Powerball, among others, deliver such prizes.

Choose the game you believe would deliver a prize like that precisely to you and start purchasing your tickets. When you least expect it, you can become the next Indian winner of a multimillion-dollar prize!