Punjab Online lottery

There are plenty of lotteries available in Punjab but which are actually legal?

In this guide you can learn the lottery laws of Punjab, find legal Punjab lottery games online and get other helpful tips.

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How to Play Online Lottery from Punjab

Unlike most states in India, there is an outright ban on the online lottery in Punjab. You can still buy paper tickets in the state from physical distributors.

You can’t buy tickets to an online lottery in Ludhiana, or anywhere else in the state. It doesn’t matter where the lottery is based.

It’s unfortunate as there are several international lottery sites where players can purchase tickets to some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

Some of these websites were created with Indian players in mind, offering special games and localised payment methods.

Punjab Online Lottery Tickets

If you were able to buy an online lottery ticket in Punjab, the process would be quite similar. In many ways, making an online lottery ticket booking is safer.

When you can buy your tickets online there is no fear of losing your ticket and you’ll be paid out much quicker.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets from Punjab

Legally, it’s not possible to buy an online lottery ticket in Punjab. No one has been punished for buying online lottery tickets from Punjab.

Making a ticket purchase online from Punjab is easy even though we do not recommend it.

  1. Choose your favourite lottery site.
  2. Select the game you want to play.
  3. Purchase tickets.
  4. Wait for the draw!

Online Lottery Games available in Punjab

The great thing about playing at an international lottery site is that you can buy tickets to some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

Officially online lottery games in Punjab aren’t allowed. That said the state has been trying to crack down on fake online vendors, rather than players who purchase tickets to legitimate online lottery sites.

Best Online Lottery Games in Punjab 2022

LotteryDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
PowerballMonday, Wednesday, Saturday$1 586 400 000
Mega MillionsTuesday, Friday$1 537 000 000
EuroMillionsTuesday, Friday€210 000 000
EuroJackpotFriday€90 000 000
SuperEnaLottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday€ 209 000 000

Punjab Lottery Laws

The only way to play the legal lottery in Punjab is by buying tickets from a vendor. There are several places you can purchase paper tickets. Post offices, railway stations, markets and bus stands are all licensed to sell tickets.

Punjab is one of the 13 states offering an official government lottery.

There are several laws regulating the lotto in Punjab including the Punjab Lotteries Regulation act, 1998, the Lotteries Regulation Rules, 2010 and the Punjab State Lotteries Rules, 2015.

In February 2020, Punjab decided to place a blanket ban on online lotteries. The ban was imposed under Section 5 of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998.

Before the ban, there was a wave of fake lottery tickets sold online, often at the cost of local lottery schemes.

Since there is a total ban on the selling of online lottery tickets in the state, international lottery sites are also not allowed to sell lotto tickets in Punjab.

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