Lottery Laws in Rajasthan 

lottery laws in rajasthan

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As you may as well know, with the Lottery Act 1998, 13 states in India decided to legalize the online lottery. But you still can’t participate in a legal lottery in Jaipur, because Rajasthan is not one of those 13 states.

Rajasthan has had the chance to allow lotteries but shut them down. So, you can never find a licensed ticket for a legal lottery in Rajasthan.

Scammers may try to convince you otherwise, but the fact remains that lotteries are not legal in the state, so no tickets for draws in Rajasthan are licensed and legit to participate in any draw.

The Lottery Laws of Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan passed four petitions imposing a ban on the sale of tickets for the lottery within its borders. The state penalizes people for keeping or owning or are in charge of a gaming house.

People are also penalized for participating in games of luck, such as lotteries, according to the Rajasthan Public Gambling Ordinance, 1949.

That means that Rajasthan citizens cannot play any land-based lotteries within their borders. But not everything is lost. They still have the chance to play online lotteries. This works the same with the laws for lottery in Gujarat.

There’s this loophole in the Lottery Act 1993, and anyone interested in online lotteries can notice it. The fact is, the Act does not mention online lotteries, just land-based.

Therefore, unless explicitly stated in individual states’ laws, anyone can participate in online lotteries based outside of India. That’s the case with Rajasthan, as well.

You can participate in a legal online lottery in Rajasthan in just a few clicks, by joining an international lotto site, a site based outside of the country. This works the same for states where lottery is legal like Manipur.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Rajasthan?

As mentioned, you can participate in online lotto draws legally if you’re playing at an international lottery site. You can buy your legal lottery ticket in Rajasthan and play with no worries.

The state does not explicitly ban online lotto, and since international sites are not based within its borders, you can legally play.

You can purchase a legal lottery ticket in Rajasthan across these sites in just a few simple steps. First, join an international lotto site. Then, go to its homepage and find the ticket area.

Fill out the ticket with numbers and choose your deposit method. Fund your ticket and confirm. The ticket will be in the next draw, just like that!

Rajasthan Lottery Games

While you’ve seen how to go around the rules and play online lotto legally, you would probably like to know the choices of online lottery games in Rajasthan that you can play.

Across international online lotto sites, you will find mega-popular games like El Gordo, SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions and EuroJackpot, among others.

These are all draws that deliver multimillion-worth prizes to the luckiest winners, so purchasing a ticket to take part in them means purchasing the ticket for a brighter future.


Buy 1 Powerball Ticket & Get 1 FREE

  • Nr 1 Ranked Lottery in India
  • Easy Withdrawals
  • India Exclusive Games
Last updated on 10th December 2020

Published: 17/12/2020

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