Lottery Laws in Sikkim

In Sikkim you can play both online lottery and state lottery games.

On this page you can find legal online lottery sites in Sikkim and information regarding its lottery laws.

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If you’re looking for a legal lottery in Sikkim or the possibility to play legal lottery in Gangtok online, you will definitely like what you are about to read!

In Sikkim you have the choice of both legal online lottery and government approved state lottery games. I always recommend international online lottery since the prizes are bigger, you can play whenever you want and the payouts are faster.

The legal lottery in Sikkim is offered by the State Government. The lottery sambad is run on a daily basis and is legal in many other states of Bharat.

Sikkim’s Labh Laxmi, Dhan Laxmi and Bhagya Rekha are some examples, with all of the legal lottery drawings marketed through agents and distributors appointed by the Government.

Several local gambling laws make Sikkim lotteries and trustworthy international online lottery games legal for citizens of Sikkim.

The Lottery Laws of Sikkim

Sikkim State has several local gambling laws which allow legal online lotteries on its territory.

Regulatory provisions are originally found in the Lotteries Regulation Act of 1998 which defines legitimate lottery games and official chance games.

More recent provisions are found in the Lotteries Regulation Rules of 2010. Specifically, Rule 3(vi) has made several Sikkim state lottery games legal with more than 24 available right now.

Authorised lotteries in Sikkim are both paper and online, formally marketed through 3 main Distributors appointed by the Directorate of State Lotteries.

In any case, existing laws are outdated and have no mention of international online lottery games. Therefore, Sikkim regulations do not apply to online lotteries based outside of India.

Luckily Sikkim is one of states where the laws are clear. Online lottery is legal.

Not only state online lottery games are legal in Sikkim but they are also considered legal when played on offshore gaming sites. In fact, Sikkim does not have explicit rules referring to online lottery games outside of India or banning their use.

Online lottery in Sikkim can be played by Sikkim residents and almost in all other states. As long as the online lottery is based outside of India it is legal. The last part is important because international online lotteries are more rewarding and therefor more attractive than regular state lottery games.

State Authorities have added the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulation Act of 2008 and its related Amendments in 2009 as means of introducing legalisation of other online games and sports gaming. But their stance on legal online lottery remains more than permissive and has made Sikkim famous throughout India.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Sikkim

Buying a legal lottery ticket in Sikkim cannot be easier. Those interested in playing online lottery legally can choose one of several approved ways.

The easiest alternative is to visit an international lottery sites and buy your legal online lottery tickets in Sikkim from there. I recommend my favourite below.

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You can also find a local government lottery dealer or official ticket reseller. Agents and distributors are chosen by national-level tender as per the Lotteries Regulation Act of 1998.

Additionally, around the State territory there are a number of intranet terminals where people can purchase state lottery tickets in Sikkim.

Sikkim Lottery Games

A list of valid online lottery games in Sikkim is not simple to do. The reason being that there are so many trustworthy online lottery sites  that Indians can play from their smartphones.

Online lottery games that can be played from pretty much any State in India. Some of the more popular games played are famous Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

My experience shows that it is easier to find and try your luck at a top online lottery site like Lottoland or MultiLotto.

Popular online lotto games are trusted and famous for a reason. If you want to play quality online lottery games in Sikkim these are definitely the ones you should play.