Lottery Laws in Tamil Nadu

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According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, Indian states are allowed to determine whether they would like racing and lottery to be available within their border.

But, so far, only 13 states in the country are offering legal lotteries. Unfortunately, Tamil Nadu is not one of them just like Haryana.

There is no legal lottery in Chennai, nor are there other cities with a legal lottery in Tamil Nadu.

Even though government lotteries could be allowed, the state has decided to go against them and does not allow its citizens to participate in lottery draws.

The Lottery Laws of Tamil Nadu

As stated by its Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes Act 1979, all kinds of games that involve selecting winners based on lucky draws are prohibited in the state.

That means that players from the state cannot participate in the lottery nor any other game that involves selecting winners based on luck.

Schemes, whereby any cash prize or gift is offered to one or more persons who have purchased a product or a ticket to participate in the draws, is forbidden in the state, according to the Act.

Those who take part in illegal lotteries and get caught doing it are subject to rigorous imprisonment of three months to three years.

Considering the land-based is forbidden, why not participate in a legal online lottery in Tamil Nadu? It is not illegal since there are now laws that cover international lotteries available online outside of India.

There are no rules and laws that specifically state that online lotteries outside of the country are forbidden. Therefore, as a player from Tamil Nadu, you still have a shot in participating in international draws.

The laws from 1979 do not cover online lottery as the internet did not even exist in 1979.

Online lottery games which are based outside of India are exempt from the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998, and due to the fact that this Act is so outdated, you can actually take part in them.

So just like in Andhra Pradesh, where lottery is legal, you can participate in lotto draws online from Tamil Nadu.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online Tamil Nadu?

Given the fact there’s a loophole to the rules and laws when it comes to the lottery in India, players can purchase a legal lottery ticket in Tamil Nadu online.

The steps are simple. You need to join an international lottery site and create an account with it. Then, you need to prepare your lucky numbers.

Enter your lucky numbers in the ticket for the draw, or let the site’s system do that for you at random, and set the deposit method you’ll use to purchase the ticket.

Get done with it, and that’s it. Your ticket would be in the next draw, as scheduled. You will be in for some massive payouts, from the commodity of your home in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Lottery Games

You know now how to purchase a ticket for a lottery draw online. But do you know how many online lottery games in Tamil Nadu you can play if you join an international lottery site?

Well, you’ll be amazed by the volume of variety. Popular online lotto draws like EuroMillions, Powerball, and SuperEnalotto are just some of the games you can take part in.

These are draws that make people millionaires and even multimillionaires, so hurry up and get your ticket, if you want your name to be found on the next winners’ list!

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