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Some of our readers asked if there is a legal lottery in Uttarakhand. The simple answer is that there is no official government lottery in the state.

For those wishing to play a legal lottery in Dehradun, there are several other options. The best lotteries in Uttarakhand are certainly online. They are easy to find and available for mobile phones.

Some are illegal because they are based in India. Uttarakhand does not allow desi lotto draws. This is also true for lotteries online but run from the country. Even the famous Playwin lottery is run by Sikkim. This makes it illegal according to Uttarakhand rules.

Other states are luckier like Goa that has both a state lottery and legal online lottery.

Therefore, if you want to play a safe and legal lottery in Uttarakhand, you need to find reputable international lottery websites.

The Lottery Laws of Uttarakhand

The only lottery law in Uttarakhand is the 1998 Lotteries (Regulation) Act. It is Central government legislation and does not speak of individual states. The Law leaves the possibility for state authorities to pass their own rules.

The Uttarakhand government has chosen not to regulate online lotteries from India. It also does not run its local legal lottery. This limits the possibilities for Uttarakhand lotto players. But it also makes their choice easy.

The 1998 Law is quite outdated. It never speaks of the internet or any online lottery draws. This is why lotteries based outside of India are not outlawed.

International online lotteries are not subject to any Indian gambling laws. State rules have no jurisdiction there. And there is no Bharat ban for the whole country.

This leaves one simple choice for a legal online lottery in Uttarakhand. Online lotteries based offshore are safe and secure. The outdated rules cannot touch them and there is no specific ban for those.

Lotteries online from India are illegal in Uttarakhand, both private and government. The Centre gives states the right to make them legal but Uttarakhand never did. They also prohibit the Indian paper lotteries from the 13 States which have official lotto draws.

Uttarakhand does not have the authority to control foreign lottery websites and companies. They compete for the desi market and offer high-quality lotteries with big prizes.

This is very similar to lottery in Jharkhand and lottery in Chhattisgarh.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets Online in Uttarakhand

Buying a legal lottery ticket in Uttarakhand is easy. If you don’t have plans to travel to one of the Indian states which have legal lotteries, you have to do it online. By the way, the closest one is Punjab, less than 100 kilometres away.

But in Uttarakhand lottery agents and dealers are illegal. This is why local residents usually buy their legal lottery tickets online.

To play online lottery from your mobile you need to visit the best international lottery sites in India. You can buy legal lottery tickets in Uttarakhand directly there.

But be careful. If you try some small private Indian lotteries online, you can buy fake tickets and lose your money. They are illegal but still pop up.

Uttarakhand Lottery Games

Online lottery games in Uttarakhand are the only honest way to go. Those that are legal all over India are the offshore lotto draws.

The most famous international lotteries online have a great reputation. They are played globally and can give huge jackpots. It makes them attractive for desi lottery players, too.

Some of the best online lotteries outside India are Powerball, EuroMillions, Lottoland or Mega Millions. They are better than any Indian games online and are absolutely legal.

So if you live in Uttarakhand but want to play the legal lottery, you don’t need to travel or break the law. Just read our reviews of the top lotteries available online and try your luck!