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Last updated on 20th July 2020

Published: 02/04/2020

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Guide: How to Use the Lottoland App

Since many of you readers have been asking me for dedicated reviews for the best lottery apps I decided to make a lottery app guide series starting with the Lottoland app.

Lottoland is one of the top-ranked online lotteries and India and as such, it comes as no surprise that it also features two excellent mobile apps.

Using the apps is simple but you need an account to do so.

Once you have logged in to the account all your settings will be the same as on the website.

Your account balance will be the same and if you need to top up you can easily make a lottery payment with any of your saved payment methods.

Lottoland App Layout

The Lottoland app consists of three main features – the homepage, the sidebar navigator and the account tab.

lottoland app homepage
Lottoland App Homepage

The homepage is the first page you are met by when you enter the app. It presents a summary of what the site has to offer.

You can find all the highlights from their lottery games, casino games and table games on the homepage as well as selected on-going promotions.

The sidebar navigator in the top left corner shows you everything Lottoland has to offer. You can find all the different game sections with the top games available for fast access.

One thing I really like about the sidebar navigator is the fact that it has a Promotions section where you can easily find all the on-going bonuses available!

You can reach the account tab from the sidebar navigator as well.

The account tab can also be reached from the homepage top right corner.

Lottoland App Download

As with all apps you need to download the Lottoland applications.

There is an Android and an IOS lottery app available.

The appearance and functions of both apps are more or less the same the only difference is where you can find them.

They are completely free to download and all you will need for the apps to work is enough space on your mobile and an internet connection.

Each of the Lottoland apps takes up about 25mb of space.

Android Download

The Lottoland app download for Android is easy but requires a small effort.

All you need to do is head over to Lottolands dedicated app page.

Once there all you need to is click the “Free for Android” button and the Lottoland app apk gets downloaded.

Since the apk isn’t from Google Play store you will need to grant permission to install unknown apps.
You will notice if you have already granted permission or not when you try to install the app.

If you have already granted permission the app will install automatically.

If you haven’t granted permission a pop up will appear asking you to change your settings and allow the installation.

You can also change permission on your phone beforehand under the “Lock Screen and Security” tab under settings.

There is a section called “Unkown Sources”, make sure that it is accepted.

Once you have the app installed all you need to do is login and start playing!

iPhone Download

The Lottoland iPhone app is extremely easy.

You can install the IOS app in three easy steps.

  1. Open Apple App Store
  2. Search for the Lottoland app
  3. Download it

As the Lottoland IOS app gets installed automatically when you download it, all you need to do is login and you are good to go!

Lottoland Mobile App Games

One of the best things about the Lottoland app is that not only does it have all the same games as the web browser but they also work better.

You can find:

  • International Lotteries
  • Indian Lotteries
  • Scratchcards
  • Slot Machines
  • Table Games

The easiest way to navigate through the games is by using the sidebar that I explained in the Layout section of this guide.

lottoland app sidebar menu
Lottoland App Sidebar Navigator

Each type of game has its own section and there is a selection of all the most popular games.

Top 3 Reasons to Download the Lottoland App

In my honest opinion, Lottoland has one of the strongest lottery apps out there.

It is super easy to use, has all the top lotteries available in India and is well designed.

Everything that is available on the web browser or mobile browser site also exists on the apps but it is easier to navigate and quicker.

Finally, I will leave you with my top three reasons why you should download the Lottoland app and start playing.

  1. Fast and easy navigation
  2. Dedicated Promotions Tab
  3. Games work better

As you can see there are only benefits to using the app so… what are you waiting for?