Mohijul Rahima Sheikh – Indias Luckiest Lottery Jackpot Winner

kerala lottery winner with his winning lottery ticket
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Published: 24/01/2020

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The REAL story of Indias most famous lottery winner

The story of Mohijul Rahima Sheikh is an amazing tale for sure. It is among many Indian lottery winner stories where the lucky player goes from rags to riches and there are even more now that online lotteries are available in India.

A lottery ticket can change once fate in the blink of an eye if the right numbers appear. The winners are able to improve not only their lives but the lives of their loved ones as well.

International games of online lottery in India usually have bigger jackpots but an Indian lottery jackpot can easily change your life as well.

What makes the Mr Sheikhs tale stick out is how fast he won and the circumstances around his victory. He purchased his ticket as an act of kindness and it seems the universe rewarded him for it!

But how much is actually true?

Different sources have different facts. Some sites can’t even get his name right and have cited it as Mohijul Rahima Sheikh!

As I love a good winner story I was, of course, fascinated by the one of Mr Sheikhs. I read articles about him on several different sites but realized that the facts were different depending on which source it came from.

I have therefore decided to once and for all to find out what is true and what isn’t. Let’s start with the background.

Who is the winner?

Mohijul is one of many migrant workers looking for better luck in other states. Originally from Lakhimpur, West Bengal, he moved to Kerala to get a chance at a better job so he could provide for his family. It was especially urgent now since he had a daughter on the way.

He arrived poor to Kerala but not as a poor as some other lotto comparison sites like to claim. I have read several stories where it is said that he arrived without a single rupee but this is not true. He didn’t have a lot but he was not completely empty-handed.

Mohijul left Lakhmipur with the help of a loan of Rs 500 from his longtime friend Talon Sheikh and Rs 200 that he had gotten from selling two pigeons.

The Humble Migrant Worker

Once in Kerala he did not scramble for work like many international news outlets like to claim. He was handpicked for a job at a construction site. Sites like Lottoland, Lottocop and Lottoexposed claim that he was only given 50 rupees a day.

I tracked down an interview with Mohijul just days after his win which proves this is not true.

His brother, who has also worked as a migrant worker, explains that the working conditions were extremely tough. They work for more than 12 hours a day and sleep in a tiny room with 12 to 15 other men.

They get paid Rs 450 a day but the majority of the payment goes to food and lodging and they can usually save around Rs 100 on a good day.

What I always thought was so amazing about this story is that most lottery news outlets claimed that he only earned Rs 50 a day and then bought a Kerala lottery ticket that cost Rs 50. Now that I know that he earned a lot more I can understand better how he could afford to buy a ticket.

Kindness pays off

What is true though is that he bought the ticket his second day in Kerala out of compassion to the vendor and the cause of the lottery. The salesman was handicapped and the lottery was part of the Karunya scheme. Profits from this government lottery go to paying medical bills of less fortunate in Kerala state.

Mohijul is a compassionate and generous man, to say the least. Even though he was struggling he took the time to help others!

The kind act paid him well.

How much did he win?

After the draw, he checked his ticket and found out he had won the jackpot of 1 crore! This is a lot of money but nowhere near the amount you can win on international online lotteries games!

His Kerala winning numbers had been given to him at random and were 215092. He could not believe his luck.

What he did next has also been falsely reported by most news outlets. It has been reported that he feared that other migrants would steal his ticket but it was not the case. Mohijul is a kind person and did not think poorly about his fellow workers.

When he called his family they urged him to seek out the police as a precaution if word got out that he won and thieves would try to steal his ticket. Therefore he went to the Kerala police, who were also good-natured, and allowed him to stay the night protected until he could claim his prize the following day.

As it was his first time in Kerala he did not have a bank account. He opened an account in a local branch in Kerala. He didn’t have a PAN card either so he had to apply for one as well.

Spending the jackpot

When asked what he would do with the money he said he wants to buy land and invest in a saree business. His wife, Rafiza, added that they would also give their daughter an education at an English-medium school.

Kerala jackpot winner with his family

No one in the family had studied beyond Class 1 and they were excited to be able to give their daughter a great education.

As the considerate man Mohijul is he also said that he will pay back Talon properly that had lent him the money to go to Kerala from the start.

“I will never forget that favour”.

As we have seen earlier being nice seems to pay off since several jackpot winners have done acts of kindness pay off. For example, the winner of the biggest Mega Millions jackpot did something nice just before she won!

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My best tip for right now is to try to be as kind as possible and when you feel you’ve done something nice take the time to buy a ticket for your favourite lottery!