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Ramesh Apte

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Updated 17/05/2020

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Guide: How to use Mulitlotto App

The Multilotto app is exactly what you would expect coming from one of the worlds top lottery agents.

Multilotto has more than 10 years of international online lottery experience.

This translates into excellent service and a commitment to provide the best possible lotto platform for players worldwide.

As a part of their lottery offering, they have two great lottery apps for Indian players.

One for Androids and the other for iPhones.

All you need to be able to use the lottery app is enough space on your phone to download it and a Multilotto account.

Multilotto App Layout

I can’t give enough praise to the Mulitlotto app layout.

It is crammed with amazing features without feeling messy.

The first thing you see at the top of the homepage is a carousel with the best games, both lottery and casino.

Thereafter there is a list of the most popular lotteries.

If you scroll further you can see each of the game categories with some featured games.

At the bottom of the screen you can find the main navigation bar.

You can find the following categories in the navigation bar:

  • Homepage
  • Lotteries
  • Other Games
  • Your Account
TIP: You can reach a secret section called Lucky numbers if you hit the logo in the top left corner.
Lucky numbers gives you the chance to play a top online lottery with some of the most reoccurring numbers.

Multilotto App Download

It is easy to download the Mulitlotto app.

There is a dedicated lottery app page available at Multilotto.

You can also get a download link sent to your phone if you enter your phone number on the site.

The iPhone and Android look and work the same.
If you want to use the lottery app you need enough space on your phone.

Each app is around 20mb big.

Android Download

The Mulitlotto android app can easily be accessed on its lottery website.

All you need to do is download the Multilotto apk and install the app.

There is a chance you might have to accept installations from unknown sources.

Don’t worry this is just a safety step so you think twice when you install something on your cellphone.

Since you know the source you can just accept and install the app.

Then all you need to do is log in and enjoy some the top lottery games available.

iPhone Download

It is easier than easy to download the Mulitlotto iPhone app.

Just head over to the Apple store, search for Mulitlotto then download and install the app.

Now the only requirement left is to log in to your account and start buying lottery tickets to some of the best lotteries in the world.

Multilotto App Games

There are more than 60 lottery games available on Multilotto app.

Now if that isn’t enough you should know that you can also play several exciting casino games, scratchcards, keno and instant win games.

If you haven’t tried out slots you should definitely give it a go in the Multilotto app.

But back to what’s important, lotteries!

I recommend you try out the most popular games in the Multilotto lottery app which are:

Top 3 Reasons to play MultilottoApp

By now you know that I think that the Mulitlotto app is great.

I have even ranked it as one of the best lottery apps in India!

As you’ve read there is a great number of nice qualities in the app.

There are three things that stick out in my opinion that make the Multilotto worth playing.

  1. Easy access to more than 60 lottery games
  2. Full of features
  3. Seamless navigation

So if you already have a Mulitlotto account just download, login and start playing the Multilotto lottery app.

If you don’t have an account just click the play button below to get to the Multilotto website and create your free account.

Then you too are ready to download and start playing the worlds best lotteries from the palm of your hand!