4 New Indian Dubai Lottery Winners!

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Published: 12/03/2020

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1 Million USD to Four Indian Jackpot Winners

The Dubai lottery has had four Indian jackpot winners in 2020!

As if that wasn’t enough the four winners won in a row.

Between the 21 of January to the 3 of March the Dubai lotto paid out more than Rs. 29 crore to the four lucky winners.

The first winner Mohammed A. K. won the 1 million dollar jackpot on the 21st of January 2020. His Dubai winning number was 3644.

He purchased his ticket at the Dubai Duty-Free airport.

Just 13 days later, on the 4th of February, Mohamed Salah was awarded the next million.

In a stroke of luck his number 1319 was drawn by none other than the Dubai Duty-Free CEO Colm McLoughlin.

Mr. Salah bought his ticket from the comfort of his own home through the DDF lottery website.

The next winner also purchased his winning Dubai lotto ticket online.

Jagdish Ramnani could on the 18th of February proudly proclaim himself both a crorepati and a dollar millionaire.

One million US dollars is worth more than 7 crore rupees!

I have a feeling that Mr. Ramnanis new favourite number is 1778 since it was the digit the rewarded him his jackpot!

The final winner in the Indian million-dollar streak was Vinod Kocheril Kurian.

Just like Mohamed A.K. he won through a ticket that he bought at the Dubai airport.

After his winning ticket number 2052 gave him a jackpot on the 3rd of March there have not been any other Indian winners.

list of Indian dubai lottery winners
The Indian winners won a million each.

I am ecstatic to see so many new Indian winners of international lotteries and I now that this is just the start.

Issues with the Dubai Lottery

If you have read my Dubai lottery review you will know that it has some issues or rather online problems.

The winners who bought their tickets at the airport played in the way I recommend, completely risk-free.

The main issue is that the Dubai Lottery website is not safe. They do not provide proper encryption meaning any data you give the site can be stolen.

Just imagine you win the jackpot just to get everything stolen by a hacker who got your card details from the Dubai lottery site.

Or even worse, not winning but getting your hard-earned money stolen!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, play the Dubai lotto if you have the chance to buy a ticket at the international airport but don’t purchase lottery tickets online.

Until they provide proper internet protection it’s not worth the risk.

Future Winners

Now you might think as there are so many Indian Dubai lottery winners it must be the top international lottery available.

Sadly, it’s not like this. The Dubai lottery has long been popular among desi players and therefore it has many Indian winners.

It would be like saying that the Kerala State lotto has the best games just because there are only Indian lottery prizewinners.

If you have read my Kerala state lottery guide you already know that it is hardly the best.

This is just a sign that more Indians are seeing the benefits of international lotteries.

As I have reviewed all the best international lotteries available in India I can say there are tons of games out there that are better than Millenium Millionaire from the Dubai lotto.

Straight of my head, I can name Powerball and EuroJackpot.

But that’s not what it is about in my opinion. It’s about playing lottery games safely and legally to the best price.

Since I have made so many reviews of Indian online lotteries I can with confidence say you can not only find better games but also better service, faster payouts and the best ticket prices at my favourite lotto site just below.

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Best of luck and I hope it is you I will write about next!