Reader Wins Big!

Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief, Ramesh

Updated 05/08/2021

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When playing the online lottery there is one thing we all want, to win the jackpot.

That wish has come true for one of our readers that started playing at Lotto247.

The lottery site shared the pleasant news with us and we are more than excited.

The lucky winner wanted to remain anonymous but shared some details of his life and what he would do with his newly earned money!

First Big Indian Jackpot winner at Lotto247

The Lotto247 jackpot winner explained that he did not wish that his name was revealed to the public.

“As gambling in India is not looked at very respectfully, and me being in a job of very high stature with a wide social circle of friends and relatives, the idea of being famous is not on the agenda in any form hence would like to keep my name anonymous… You can use any name like ‘NT’ from Delhi.” said the winner.

The Delhi winner works in the Aviation industry and describes himself as a casual gambler. He started reading about online lottery games right here at before signing up to play at Lotto247.

NT explained that had won previously in other casinos but never as big as he did online! He was casually playing a few rounds of Joker Leprechaun, one of the many slot games that are available at Lotto247. In just one spin of the slot machine, NT won more than €40 000 from a jackpot in the game.

Many lottery players like to play on slot machines while waiting for the lottery draw they have tickets for. Slot games are very popular among lottery players since they are quite similar to lottery games. Many offer big jackpots and the outcome of the game is random.

Sites like Lottoland, PlayHugeLottos and Multilotto also offer slot games and other casino games as well as lottery games.

How The Delhi Winner will Spend his Jackpot Money

What is always most exciting is to get to know how jackpot winners want to spend their money. NT shared that he wanted to use his new money for more humble things.

“I would like to donate a certain part of it for charity and rest to reduce my recent running loans.”

What is common among many Indian lottery winners no matter where they are located is that they want to do something good with their money like donating to charities.

Krishna Barri who won $14.5 million, set up an education trust fund in honour of his brother-in-law who helped him financially while Krishna was studying for his master.

It is just amazing to hear that about Indian lottery jackpot winners. More so how kind they are to share their winnings for good causes.

As more and more Indians start playing online we are seeing more big winners than ever and the number will only increase. Just recently Lottoland had an Indian lottery winner that became a crorepati!