Online lotteries vs. Indian Government Lotteries

Indian lottery vs online lottery
Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 4th November 2020

Published: 14/10/2019

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Why it’s better to play online lotteries vs. government lotteries

I imagine you have been thinking what are the true benefits of playing on international top lotteries online compared to for example Indian state lotteries.

I was also hesitant first when I started playing international lotteries but I quickly realized several benefits. The main ones I encountered were benefits in safety, jackpots, prize tiers and convenience.


My number one priority when spending my money has always been safety. I can’t imagine anything worse than being scammed and losing money for nothing. As you might now there are quite a few scams to watch out for both online and in real life.

From my experience, it is always easier to avoid scams online. When playing online lotteries there is way more information available, you can investigate easier and you don’t have to worry about making quick decisions unlike in real life.

For example, a common problem in India is counterfeit lottery tickets. I for one could probably not point out a fake ticket from a real one without examining it meticulously. You seldom get to do this in real life when buying a lottery ticket.

This problem, of course, exists online as well but it is so much easier to avoid. I have analyzed and reviewed many different online lottery sites and learned how to determine which ones actually are legit and which ones aren’t. Something I can’t do in real life.

You can read more about my criteria on my lottery reviews page.

All in all, you can expect a much higher level of safety with online lotteries. If you buy a lottery ticket from any of my recommended sites you can enjoy following safety benefits.

  • Always real lottery tickets
  • Never worry about losing your ticket since it is stored online
  • Auto-correct – your ticket is instantly corrected so you never accidentally throw away a winning lottery ticket.


The jackpots are the whole reason that we play lotteries. They allow us to make a change in our day to day life but sadly Indian state lotteries aren’t really that life-changing.

Of course, your life will get a real boost if you win Kerala Win Win lottery jackpot of 60 lakhs but it won’t change every aspect of your life as international jackpots will.

Below I will share with you the two highest lottery jackpots that can be won on international lotteries.

Lottery Jackpot GameMinimum JackpotLargest Jackpot won
Powerball$40 000 000$1 586 000 000
Mega Millions$40 000 000$1 537 000 000

As you can see the amounts are insane, I mean, $1.5 billion is more than Rs. 1073 crores. So with one win on an international lottery jackpot, you will be a crorepati, to say the least!

Prize Tiers

Yes, jackpots are hard to win but then again international lottery games have several prize tiers. These prizes are also a lot bigger than the ones offered by Indian state lotteries.

The lowest prizes most often pay out a few thousand rupees. Middle tier prizes usually range from a few lakhs to crores!

For example, El Gordo has a 1 in 6 chance to win and also has the world’s largest lottery pot. The lowest cash prize in this international lottery is €100 which is almost Rs. 8000!


The last factor that makes online lotteries better than state lotteries is the convenience. When you want to buy a ticket all you need to do is log in to one of my recommended lottery sites and buy a ticket. It can be done in less than a minute if you are fast.

The only way you can buy a ticket for an Indian lottery within a minute is if you yourself sell them!

As mentioned earlier your tickets are stored online so you never have to worry about where you put your ticket. If you are lucky and win your money will instantly arrive at your lottery account. This is so much easier than the whole process of claiming any prize in the state lottery.

It is also easier to keep track of how much you play with you having each purchase saved in either your account on your e-mail. This way you can make sure that you spend a reasonable amount on lotteries.

A great feature compared to buying physical tickets where you can easily lose track of how much you spent on tickets.

Talking about keeping track of how much you play, it’s not only you that does that. Online lottery websites love reoccurring customers meaning the more you play, the more you will be rewarded. It could be anything from a deposit bonus, free lottery ticket or they might even double your prize money!

There is an abundant amount of lottery bonuses out there and they are almost exclusively available online.

Best International Lotteries

Now you know all the benefits of playing international online lotteries! The best way to use this knowledge is to try them out and start playing. Below you can find the best online lottery sites available with all the best international lotto games. Enjoy!

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